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Rich, On the 83 intake what is that metal hose going from the intake to the base of the carb mound? And what does it do???
On 1978/81 intake manifolds, coolant was used to heat the plenum to prevent icing in cold weather (most EFI throttle bodies have something similar). In 1982, Buick engineers removed the coolant lines and then routed the EGR through the plenum. The Exhaust gases heat the plenum much quicker than coolant (good for cold starts). The hose connects to the front and the EGR valve would be mounted to the back of the plenum.

FYI, 1982 uses the exact same intake as 1983. I will need to re-label the images.
OK I'm alittle slow, I just released this mod. When I replaced my carb I noticed the I do not have the center section (where the carb mounts) on my intake. I could see where some of the sides remained. Someone most have gutted it. Now I have to wonder what mods was done to the old carb. I'll have to open it up and see.
Next time I pull the carb I'll take a pic for you Rich.