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Jun 14, 2001
Can anyone help me out ? I would like to up grade the turbo and all I find is a TA 33c. Does any one make a bigger turbo like a 49 or 44 for the stock intake. Thinking about a new intake also. But no intercooler. I like my hot air.......For now.
took mine to turbo shop they put a 49 in my stock housing cost me about 540.00 but works great might call a turbo shop in your area and find out if they can do the same for you good luck
Bolt on?

You can install a larger turbo on a "Hot-Air" motor. The benefit of the TA33 is it's a true "bolt-on."

If your intention is to remain "Hot-Air" you don't need a turbo larger than the TA33. It flows approx 700 cfm. You can ask for opinions from the others and you'll get many positive opinions on the TA33. Maybe you can ask if one of the other members wishes to sell theirs and get a sweet deal?

Hey Norm break out the sawzall for the hole in the hood and we'll make a pte 88 fit :)
Thanks everyone. Steve can I use your sawzall? The pte 88 sounds great. So any ideas on the vendor with the best price on the 33?