Turbomotion - Jay ??


Ran outta hand cleaner
May 27, 2001

Has anyone heard from him lately ? I know he was sick over the Christmas season but I believe last I heard he was back and at the shop.

Jay, if you read this can you send me an e-mail ? I sent the balance for my V2 kit and i'm just wondering on shipping details.

My number has temporarily gone to voicemail only so if you call me leave a msg k ?




Been trying go get in touch with him all week. Hope he is not sick again. Let us know somthing Jay.

Jim Willett

Just talked to Jay and he has been our sick all last week. He is feeling some better but not 100% yet. Everone wish him well.

Jim Willett
Well I was sorta sick and I sorta had surgery too. The damn doctors wont leave me alone. I had 2 10in long by 1/8th in. wire leads placed in my back which were hooked to a battery pack that sent controlled shocks down both my legs and lower back to help control cronic pain from a failed lumbar fusion.
All it did for me was shock my wallet dry:(
Are you out of Hospital now ?

Get well soon Jay.

The Turbo community needs you bud.