and see your the highest bidder. Sweet!

When are you going to let me put your goodies on your car? Tomorrow is good for me. Tammy will be gone all day.

I see your bidding on Kendals TC:)
Maybe instead of buying all these parts for your 109 block you should offer me a good price for my motor:) Then i will build my S2 motor:cool: Makes a nice streetable car and save the stock block;) You never know:eek:
Hey Geno, you need to clean out your mailbox, I tried to PM you but alas it was full.:rolleyes: I think you're trying to see if you could get a reaction and I don't know if I should bite or not. Hmmmm:confused: :D
Give me a call if your really interested:)
Im thinking of selling the stage 1 to build the stage 2:)
Hey Gene
If you need a stg II toooner.......I know this guy :D

PS....I gotta call you, I was diggin thru some stuff and found something you might want. Its free and its cool :eek: