Turn signal won't blink

My left turn signal lights up but won't blink, it just stays solid. I have to click/blink it manually. Is that just a fuse problem?
Hazards use a separate flasher. If both turn signals do not work, it's probably the flasher. It is up under the dash near the steering column. The flasher on the fuse box is for the 4-way's.
Thanks. So I should replace the under dash flasher first, then if that's not it, replace the bulbs in the actual turn signal lights, then if not that, then the bulb in the third brake light...?

And I can get the bulbs and flasher at any Autozone, Kragen's, etc.?
I would check all your lights first and see if anything is burned out, if not then turn to the flasher.
Brake Lights not working

I've got hazards, L & R turn Parking lamps but no stop on bumper or 3rd brake. I've replaced the stop switch at the pedal and checked all fuses. Any suggestions???

'86 GN
last summer, i had a ground issue on the right front light- the one in the bumper. it would just stay on when i clicked itto turn right. i fixed it by pulling the bulb and bending the tab up so that it made better contact with the bulb.