TV Cable Issues


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May 24, 2001
I bought my TTA with the wrong converter. I had a D5 put in a couple of days ago. I was driving it after the right converter was put in and it drove fine for a bit, then it started shifting all crappy and shaking, like too late and all jolty, especially on the downshifts, and it wouldn't downshift enough sometimes, like on a turn at 20 i would add throttle and it would still be in a high gear. So I adjusted the TV cable to GM spec and it drove fine all day. I went out tonight to put some xylene in and took a drive down the highway. After doing a wot blast which was perfect I pulled over for a bit and then went on my way. At this point it started acting up again, jolting around shifting late and downshifting like a mess and late. So I pulled over and checked out my TV cable, it did appear the way I had left it but I could be worng. Does anyone know what the issue here is? Has the housing itself gone bad?
The teeth on the self adjustment on the cable could be worn out. Allowing it to adjust out to easy, check it out. I believe the number for the cable is 25521268 not a 100% though
Good guess 77 cruiser...thats is what it sounds like...

I unplugged the TCC solenoid two days ago and drove quite a bit tonight. The issue didn't occur. Does this mean the solenoid itself went bad, and it so happend to have gone right after I put in that D5. I was told by someone that my actual D5 is bad, since this started happening the day it was put in. I did buy it used from a reputable source nevertheless.
I have this same problem and I am pretty sure I have a sticky TCC solenoid. My tranny will shift late (~3000 RPM) in every gear after any WOT blasts (ie passing on the highway), or after driving at speeds in excess of 100 km/h (60 mph). If I stop and put the trans in park then take off again, everything "resets" to normal shift points. I checked out the governor and everything seemed fine there. It also downshifts late, when I am almost completely stopped and you can feel the car surge. My non CZF 200-4R is wired up like the first diagram in this link:

My question is, can I buy these parts...

...and install them into my tranny and wire it up like the second diagram in the pic and have no problems? Or should I just replace the TCC and leave the pressure switches alone?

I have the correct harness and switches and tcc setup. The one in the picture is WRONG for a brf trans or a czf trans. They are not bad either as far as price. Lemme know if I can help you.
I don't have the original CZF trans though - the one in the car is an '85 HG code. Can I wire it up like a CZF or is it better to rewire the same way?

Also, I unplugged the TCC connector today and took it for a test ride and experienced the same late shifting symptoms after a WOT run - does this mean that it is not my TCC solenoid? It shouldn't be able to stick if its unplugged right? :confused: Tapping the brakes at 45mph test seems to work early on, but not after a while (15-20 min of hwy driving) - could it be something else that is sticking when it gets hot? I recently had the pan off to check the governor. I checked the TV plunger while I was in there and it moved nice and smoothly.

BTW, are both the photo and the second diagram (the one marked CZ) in the above links wrong?

Thanks Bruce