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Oct 18, 2003
I tried to adjust my TV cable as it says on

Problem is, the cable is so long that when I press the pedal to WOT, it doesn't catch ANY of the grooves (they are all still on the firewall side).

Now I get VERY firm shifts and I get well into the RPMs of each gear before it shifts. What can I do to fix it?
keep loosening the adjustment until you dont have a wot kickdown from 2 to 1 in the manual 2 range at 20mph and then tighten the cable back up 1 click at a time until it comes back and it should be right in the range it operates correctly at providing the governor and tv system are functioning properly.
TV cable too long

I think you have the wrong TV cable (the wire is too long)installed and this is allowing the TV exhaust check ball to be seated. The valve
body sees this as a broken cable and line pressure is raised to prevent the clutches from burning. Push the "D" button
on the housing and move it forward so three or four notches are
showing and pull the knob on the end of the wire cable until the
cable is fully extended. While holding the cable out, open the throttle and check the distance from the knob you are holding and the plastic clip on the throttle body. Put a spacer of the appropriate length between the knob and the plastic clip and adjust the cable. :) Maybe someone will post the GM part number of the right cable.
I wish I knew more about trannys, but I doubt I have the wrong cable -- the car was 100 percent stock when I got it (but I could see how someone might come to that conclusion the way I described it).

Since plastic covers the TV cable, I was able to get the cable to adjust underneath...

I have no idea how this will drive...
I just adjusted it until the shifts felt right. Doing the GM procedure made it shift too firm. The way it was originally was too soft. The way it is now is just right :D .
this happened to my GN too and the cable was right because it was original:) It actually stretched. Yes you heard right. Actually the cable did not stretch as so much as the end fitting slipped and moved away making my cable seem too long too. I had to replace it with a new cable. DO NOT go aftermarket as they are too short. I have one here if you want it for free :) The hard part is gonna be resetting that spring/bracket on the end in the trans which is why you have full pressure shifts. Its a failsafe if your tv cable breaks to go full pressure instead of low pressure and burning the clutches. If you are gona try this yourself let me know and Ill give you pointers on how..
I am assuming my cable is stretched too since all five of the notches in the cable housing are visible on the firewall side.:confused:

The funny thing is that I heard it ratcheting forward (two "clicks")when I tried the GM procedure, but none of the notches caught. Then I manually moved the notches toward the radiator some to make the shifts less firm.

I guess the question is, will mine be fine the way it is or should I replace it?
pull your trans pan betcha u will find the cable have slack down there and the pin and spring pulled out of the valve body.. Like mine. Time for a new cable Id say
Are you offering an aftermarket cable for free, or an original?

Thanks for the offer by the way.
the new aftermarket is yours for the taking. Want it? its useless.. Its too short.. But you pay shipping and Ill send it.. Trust me, its no good