Two Detroit Police Officers Shot & Killed

Teh killing of any public servant in the performance of his duty is a capitol offense in Texas. That crapeater would automatically be on death row questions asked.
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Teh killing of any public servant in the performance of his duty is a capitol offense in Texas. That crapeater would automatically be on death row questions asked.
"God Blessed Texas".

Tested for San Antonio and Austin PD's many a year ago. Passed all of SA's tests except pushups, 1 shy of the minimum at the time and refused Austin's offer since I'd just bought a house in MI. Fate kept me here...
Yep, you are there for a reason. Lots of human waste to keep an eye on where you are bro'. I know I don't have to tell you, but be VERY careful out there. Retirement is a victory in both our professions.
It sucks that it takes tragic events like this to happen to wake up many officers. Trust nobody and never let your guards down.

Nice to see so many officers on this board.

Well, the NAACP just had a news conference last week about how bad the Houston P.D. is for "profiling".
We just got a new mayor, Bill White, (who happens to be white) after finally getting rid of Lee. P. Brown and his chief (who retired after getting a HUGE pay raise and dodging a bullet for perjury brought about by subordinated who he cursed at and diciplined for cussing out his subordinate; not to mention the crime lab fiasco down here)
Anyway, the NAACP decided that all HPD officers were racist because they arrested african Americans
they didn't look at if they were officer initiated arrests or response to 911 calls;
they didn't look at the racial makeup of the crime victims;
they assume that the only officers arresting blacks were white (hmmm...);
and they neglected to mention that at the time of the "study" the mayor and police chief of Houston were both african American.
Good thing the bad guys don't profile their victims, say killing someone because they are a cop? Why isn't it a "hate-crime"!?!
Whew, okay, thanks, I'm going now...
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[B Fate kept me here... [/B]

I'm originally from Nebraska, but have lived in NJ most of my life. I tested in NJ, NE, PA, MD, VA, NY, MA and AZ. Look where I am. Three miles from the town I grwe up in. I tried desperately to get out, but I guess this is where fate wanted me to be.

aperrego....very sorry to hear of your personal loss.

We should have our own section for LEO's on this board.
In response to rev.3:11's post, we here in Akron have to do what is called a "CCL"(citizen contact log) after every traffic stop. Have to input age, race, sex, why stopped and outcome. Suppose to track who we are stopping and why. Problem is it does not take into account the racial makeup of the patrol area. I have worked a couple different districts in my 7 years there. One area I worked is primarily white, so the majority of the CCL's will show white's being stopped. Another is primarily black, so of course the majority of my stops will be black. I am a white officer, and if someone looks at the CCL's from the primarily black area I worked, will that show I am a racist? To some it probably will. I love it when people outside the realm of law enforcement throw in their two cents and tell us what we are doing wrong. Makes it hard to work effectively in my opinion. I just go out and do what I have to do, do it right, and I have nothing to worry about. Yes, there are officers that probably are racist, but I have yet to meet one. And I don't see it as a problem in Akron.
Wow, CCL's.... Is that a department policy or a law?

I can't imagine that being initiated here, what a can of worms :rolleyes:
CCL's are part of a our policy that has been in effect for a couple years now. We also have to accept every complaint against an officer that comes in. That came about because certain people felt that complaints were not getting submitted and investigated. City also looking at the possibility of a civilian review board or an outside auditor to "watch" the complaint process. Kinda funny that if I look at someone the wrong way, I can get complained on and be required to type "yellow" on it!!!