Two NASCAR stage 2 engines for sale

scot w.
Feb 19, 2005
Here is what I know..... These engines came from a house that sold for over 2 million and these engines and other stuff including a Bush car had to be moved before the 30th so we went and bought everything. The engine in the crate we were told is a fresh built engine put in the crate and sent to the Jenkins race team. We bore scoped the cylinders and they looked like brand new, we dropped the oil pan and the internals look like new, rotating assembly rotates easily. This is a Rare piece of history as i'm sure there isn't many complete NASCAR V6 Ruggles built engines floating around still in the crate!

Both engines are 4.1 L / 274 cuin. / 3.590 stroke (153 numbered blocks) (Strongest ones)..... Both have shaft mounted T & D roller rockers and when we popped up the valve covers ALL the shaft bolts were loosened to take pressure off the valve springs!

The second one is also a Ruggles built engine that was what we believe to be in a wreck cause the block has a crack in it by the lower drivers side motor mount bolt hole where it took an external hit. Everything else looks fine including the rotating assembly.

Both- asking $17,500 ..... If anyone is interested in these please contact me @ 865-680-4008

Crate engine.jpg

crate engine rotating assyembly.jpg

Engine #2

engine#2 rotating assy.jpg
engine#2 crack.jpg
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