Two sets of Turbine Wheels PLUS a pair of Rear 10" Turbine wheels


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Sep 18, 2007
Hey Everyone.

Up for sale is my collection of Turbine Wheels.

I have two complete sets of Turbine wheels in Excellent, near new condition.

I also have a RARE pair of rear turbine wheels. They are 10" wide so you can slap those Mickey 275 Pro's onto them and rock out on the track with Style.

Regular set of wheels: $500 per set

Rear Pair of 10" wide wheels: $500 for the pair.

Please contact if interested.

I live in canada, but will be driving to the US in a few weeks (late October/Early November) so i could ship from there if needed.

Eureka, Montana. I can ship from there to save the buyer funds. Unless you live close to Eureka, then i'll make a mini road trip out of it.
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