Two Stangs, And A S4........


May 25, 2001
Once again the terrible streets of South Broward county sets the stage for the.................inevitable :D .

Hopped in the granny for a spin, just emptied my alky canister with half iso and half wasser (german for water) that combo was bogging my boost. Replaced them with half xylene and have denatured, yep there is a difference.

Jumped on the I-95 northbound ramp, two minutes after a mild launch I run into a t-type I have seen before around these parts, nice light brown/grey(?), gave the peace sign, and kept moving on, no need to waste gas :D , after about three minutes the t type goes flying by me, and was shutting it down, while whatever he was running against stayed a good distance behind ( I saw the other car in the mirror, didn't think he would want to approach us together :D ). The t type gets off on sheridan and gives me the finger, the thumbs up that is, and I return it....

Two exits later, I am turning it around when on the on ramp a white snaked mustang jumps on my rear, I resisted till he got in front of me, we get caught in traffic, but after a few seconds it's take off time!!! Roasted him like twice from 65mph rolls, he flashes and gives me the finger, yes thumb and he's off....

Actually that made my night, until I got off went to the gas station to get something to drink, when I said let me see my max boost between shifts. So I jump back on North, got my readings and then I turned it back around.

At the light, coming from the other direction, and heading to the southbound onramp is a primed 80ish 5.0. He sees me and punches it down the ramp, 2secs later my light turns green and I am off, caught up with him fairly quick but couldn't do nothing until a stretch opened up and we both floored it, It wasn't even funny. He flashes his signals, so do I, and we both get off on the same exit, east bound on ives dairy.

Where we meet up against a s4 audi, which was definetly modded, blue with some vinyl lettering on the windows showing affiliation with something...

Anywho, audi is front of me, 5.0 to my right, light goes we all head east to another light, it goes green and nobody has really done nothing. Then the audi taps it and the 5.0 jumps but I quickly signalled to a pig on a side rode doing his whatever and we all let off......:eek: Very close call I must admit.

Anyway we get to another light, where we all line up, audi left, 5.0 middle, me right...I start to build boost and the 5.0 is roaring his stuff, when the light to turns green the freaking s4 caught us sleeping and instantly must have had 2-3 cars on us...

:cool: Not to worry I drop the hammer and I am off, 5.slow was just that...... slow!! Left behind with thoughts of loneliness....anyways first gear goes and here comes second BAM!! Meanwhile audimon is blazing through his shifts, loud and furiously. For a split second I thought oh sh!t this guy has me but midway through second I caught his bumper, when third whipped around I walked him to a two car lead and we both shutdown to a fast coming red light...Now that was a RACE!!

5.slow turns north on US1, I give him the peace sign and he's gone, audi guy asks me, "what do you have a supercharger in that thing?". "Nope just a turbo", I replied I asked him what he had, he said it was stock with a chip...whatever it was, I must admit he gave me some work.....BUT!! As he now knows, he'll need some more, to keep up with the DARKSIDE!!!!

I'd really like to have an Audi S4. They have 2.7l V6s with 5-valves per cylinder with a horsepower rating of 250@5800 and torque rating of 258 lb/ft @ 1850-3600. Nice flat torque curve, but the small turbos (which you can't even hear) are very, very small ad make around 7psi stock I believe.

Bore: 3.19" • Stroke: 3.40" • Compression ratio: 9.3:1 • Displacement: 163 c.i.

The boost is computer-controlled and a chip ups it to around 15psi, adding another 60 or so horsepower.

I test drove one a while back. Told the salesman I hada GN. He says the S4 is the German version of the Buick Grand National :rolleyes:

The car was totally quiet, handled great and had excellent brakes. I drove one with a tiptronic instead of a 6-speed. The Tip-equipped one is slower. I wasn't impressed with the acceleration. But that's nothing a chip and exhaust couldn't fix. I think there are companies that have or are coming out with turbo upgrades for them too. Now that should make a nice big improvement in power.

Guys with chip/exhaust are running low-mid 13s.
One of my co-workers has an S4. It is very quick off the line. They come with AWD and I am sure that helps. He gives me **** about my GN all the time telling me it might be quicker than his car but he has seen 150 mph!! I reply that I have never see 86 ;-)

He has invested in a racing computer to be more competitive but get RA chip was 75.00 while his computer upgrade was around 1500.00!!! No chip to swap in, you have to replace the whole computer.

Anyway, it is a nice car but I don't think it has the styling or appeal of a TR.

Good Kill...I will be forwarding this to him ;-)
Thanks guys....

I really didn't think they were that fast, but boy I was wrong..

And when he told me it was stock, I was under the impression that it was naturally aspirated.. Until he took off and I heard something like a turbo but wasn't sure, until I jumped on the internet and found out they are turbo'd!! That surprised me, but not as much as the AWD thing!! Man that explained that launch!! It was vicious, there was no visible weight transfer, and no chirping between gears....pretty good I must admit..
Originally posted by Renthorin
He has invested in a racing computer to be more competitive but get RA chip was 75.00 while his computer upgrade was around 1500.00!!! No chip to swap in, you have to replace the whole computer.

Well, you don't have to replace the computer. The chips have to be soldered in. And some Audi dealers are quick to void the warranty if they see an aftermarket chip. So many S4 owners just buy another computer ($500) with the high performance chip ($500) installed. If they need to go back to the dealer for service, the just put the original computer (with the original chip of course) back in.
Good kill. Those S4s are awesome. A good friend of mine has one and so far the only time it's been beaten was when he smoked the clutch. It only has a chip which as Lyonsd said is soldiered into the stock computer for about $500. He sent the stock computer off so the car was down for a couple days. He can switch between stock, chipped, and race buy pushing and holding the cruise control button. "Race" is for 100 octane. It also has open exhaust and soon down pipes. If you want to see it in action, go to It hasn't been out there in a while so you'll have to go back a ways in the video section. There's a vid of him killing a blown mustang, and one where he gave a cam/heads/intake/everything mustang a 5 car headstart and still won pretty badly.
I wish I could have switch like that, that'll make my day...

But i guess the turbo controller would be the equivalent...

Was that the same mustang you roasted? I have seen almost all those videos and that one particulary yes it was pretty bad, but not as bad as VUICK getting beat by the truck......

I AM JOKING OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Poor Vuick. You won't be seeing any more vids of him for a while. That thing has a rod knock so bad it scares me to stand next to it while running. Should be pretty strong when it's running again. I do plan on racing the yellow vette when I get a wastegate. Hopefully I won't lose too bad.
But the $$$$ he spent!!

Can you imagine a TR after spending the same money they spend on the outies??? My co-worker dropped over 40k into the car and then another 2k or so into wheels and tires. Give me a quarter of that money and I would still be quicker....

I am not a fan of his car. It may be quick but looks like all the other rounded sedans out there...I once told him it looked like a sense of humor.
GN and S4

I've had my S4 for 16 months and my 87 GN for 2 mths. I absolutely love both cars, but for mostly different reasons as I will try to explain:
250HP twin turbo (stock which mine is), modifieable to >320 with chip/exhaust
6spd-love that manual shifter
quattro AWD is great for starting and for powering through curves
4 dr-I have 3 young kids and it helps a lot
ergonomics-This is one of the best laid out interiors I've ever seen. It is a joy to drive and has tons of features. Everything works really well on this car.
sleeper-I like the stealth mode (GN an obvious exception but that's new). In 16 months maybe 2 people have ever asked about my S4. In 2 months I have had at least 10 people ask me about the GN.
Many other minor things.

87 GN
I have wanted one since it came out in '84. My first car was a 78 Skyhawk and I've always had a soft spot for Buicks.
V6 Turbo-great motor, easily modified.
Awesome straight line acceleration (as we all know).
Not quite V8 sound, but nice rumble. S4 sounds better than a sewing machine, but nothing like an 8 or the GN.
Rare collector's type car. It's just a beautiful car that I still can't believe came from GM. As mentioned above it gets comments.
Great 1/4 miler
And more...

Both cars satisfy my horsepower requirement although the GN is better at that. But the S4 is a much more refined automobile. Quattro helps a lot. When it rains or there is any inclement weather, the GN stays home and the S4 rocks. When it's nice out, the GN will put me back in the seat and sounds great doing it-straight line that is. Even with Bilstein shocks, I treat the GN like the big Buick it is and only go hard on the straights. If there are any curves coming up, I'd much rather be driving the S4.

Both great cars. The GN will almost never win off the line, but will catch the S4 prior to the 1/4 mile before finally being passed in top end (who cares though because I never drive 120+).
Comes down to if the weather is nice, it depends on what mood I'm in as to which car I drive.

My .02.

Lynn Boyer