Typhoon sighting in Germany..


You've gotta try this!
For all the Sy/Ty folks on the board. I was driving home from work this morning and I saw a Typhoon turn the corner and come down the street towards me. Unfortunately, I'm in a POS VW Golf so I'm sure he didn't know that I was a 'fan'. Then again, the way I almost broke my neck to catch a good look may have been a clue. That is the first turbo product from GM that I've seen here since I've lived here. I haven't seen a GN at all, and seeing that Ty this morning made my WEEK!! I made sure it was a real Typhoon and not just body cladding. Everything looked correct, plus it sounded like a Ty as he rolled by.

Does anybody know who this might be??? Would sure love to know some turbo people here. He had Herford tags (HF) which isn't too far from me. A long shot, but I gotta try.
Thanks for the link... I'm steadily reading away. You're link didn't work, so I just copied and pasted. Just to let you know.

Reading all the things that they are going through just to get parts, it makes me a little glad my GN isn't over here. I'm sure it'd be a nightmare. And I still have connections in the US... it sounds like many of these people don't. Amazing.

I may reply to this thread later. I don't like to but in on others boards, but perhaps I'll drop a line.

Thanks again.