"typical Rust areas"


Nov 20, 2022
Hi I am looking for a car, I see a bunch that have "normal or typical G body rust" in the Add's . Ideally I would find a car that doesn't need repair but they are hard to find.
What are the areas to inspect when looking at a car for sale.
Thank you for the helo=p
All the body mounts. Probably find some are missing, some rotted thru the floor/frame.
Core support.
Bottoms of doors.
Floor pans, ecm/wiring full of corrosion due to leaky cowl areas.
T-tops. They'd come off first thing, if I were to consider such. Personally, I'd not have one.
Lower edge of trunk lid.
Rear window area under the filler panel.
Qtr panel behind the rear wheels.
Gas tank. Look for signs of fuel on the rubber insulator straps. Tank rusts under the straps.
Brake and fuel lines rusted.

That should be a goodly amt of time well spent, prior to handing over the $$. ;)
Thank you Chuck thats really helpful. Good news is I can do my own metal work. floors for example would be no problem for me. Small rust spots that can be patched also no problem. The Deep stuff like.. inner rockers door skins roof panels that would be beyond my abilities. Ive done inner rockers and would not want to do them again LOL.. I also prefer to get to enjoy the car asap and I am just wrapping a 10 year camaro project.
Thanks for your info !
My car was a 125k mile daily driver in the northeast for the guy I bought it from. It had been undercoated since new, which helped. Driver and passenger side floorpan needed replacing. Both rocker panels got replaced. Small patch panels needed in front of both rear wheel wells and in the corners of the doors. Driver side rear quarter panel needed replacing from the back of the rear wheel well to the rear bumper filler below the body line in it. Those repairs have been fine for 15 years, and all were easy enough to do in my garage. Hope that helps.