Sociopathic TR Ownership
Alright, this thread is to let fellow board members know about my expierence and UMI's policy on returns. First off I will say that dealing with their customer service person was pleasent, and she got me the answers that I needed. I ordered some Non-Adj UCA's from them in Mar 05, they are still in the box I ordered them unused and brand new. Due to my travel this year I have gotten a bit behind on my project car. I'm now just getting to the tearing out of the rearend, replacing bushings C/A's, posi, you get the idea. Due to me changing my set up from a probebly low 11 sec/high 10 sec car, to who knows how fast with fuel, alky, and proper tune, I decided to get Adj UCA's. I called UMI, told them the situation, at first it had seemed as if I would be credited towards an exchange if I sent the Non-Adj UCA's back. Then I was informed that they have a 30 day return policy, I believe they would have been willing to work with me on that one. However, I was then told that they had revised the way that they build their UCA's, and the one's I had was an old design, inevitably they would not let me return for credit towards another one of their products. Since I was teetering between buying the UMI Adj UCA's, or purchasing Metco Adj UCA's, I think this has resolved that issue, I will go with Metco's. The bottom line is if your doing a long term project car and purchasing parts as you go, be sure of the company's policy on returns and such.

I am sorry it has worked out this way. Every company has a return policy that they follow, ours is 30 days and I am sure many are similar. This order was purchased 7 months ago. We did in early summer revise our upper control arms with a newer bushing and a few other changes, nothing that major but small changes. There is no strength issues with our older design either. Since the older design that you have is no longer in production we can not resell the return, we would have to give you a $110.00 credit towards a $190.00 purchased and then have no use for the control arms. Sure we could resell them on eBay as a return ect. but would not get the full amount and we also do not have the time.

I am sorry it had worked out this way but I hope you understand from a business stand point why we could not take them. I am sure 90% of the companies out there (including Metco) have a return policy with in or close to the 30 days and I doubt many companies do a return after 7 months.

Again I apologize and I hope you understand why they could not be returned and I am sorry you feel this way.

Thank you,
Hey no hard feeling here, I just wanted to make sure other guys on the board who are building project cars and buy parts as they go do not have the same issues. If I would have bought the adjustables in the first place I would not be in this situation, besides that I will still be using some of your guys other products. Unfortunately I will have to sell off the other control arms on the parts foe sale board, If I do that I may as well go with the billet units anyway. I was not going with Metco to be spiteful or anything as such, I actually have someone giving me a good deal on a set of UCA's/LCA's.

Thanks, Ben