Unfortunately a true "Kill" story....


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Jul 5, 2001
Woman Killed When Son's Car Hits Her Car

A woman and her friend were killed in Lake County Wednesday evening when the car they were riding in was rear-ended by a car driven by the woman’s own son. Diane Samples, 45, and her passenger, 72-year-old Vivien Green, were killed instantly.

Investigators said that the victim’s son, Dwight Samples, was driving alone in his car just after 6 p.m. on State Road 19, when he started drag racing with another car. Dwight Samples and the other driver reportedly reached speeds of up to 100 mph. They came up behind a car driven by the boy’s mother and the force of the impact tore Diane Samples’ car apart.

Dwight Samples hit his head on the windshield and was flown to the hospital. The Florida Highway Patrol thinks that Samples didn’t know that he had killed his mother, partly because she was driving a different car than she usually uses. "She was taking a friend to see the Christmas decorations in the area and it was a borrowed vehicle," Lt. Walter Wolf of the FHP said.

Samples is in stable condition at Orlando Regional Medical Center. He faces possible charges of vehicular homicide in the deaths of both women.

The Florida Highway Patrol said that the person in the other car who was drag racing with Samples took off when the accident happened.

Police hope that information from eyewitnesses will help them to track down the driver of the second car.
That's a very sad story:(

Has the kid been told it was his Mother?

I'm sure the State will prosecute him but nothing can be worse than the death of his Mother.

Everyone that street races this should serve as a warning "Take it to the track" it's much safer!
Wow, thats horrible. It makes you think twice before shooting off down the road just to prove how fast yer car is. Let's hope there's no more stories like this one. --Dan
i heard something about that story up here in virginia.

didnt know if it was true or just another horror story about racing to try and scare people not to do it.

must be true ...how sad that guy must feel like dieing himslf about now..i know if i killed my mom i would want to go also it would just be to hard to live with in prison or not.
Yep that why I only "street" race in place I know that I wont suddenly com up on trafffic that I cant see for a good distnce to have plenty of time to brake.
This is just sad. I had a friend killed because of drag racing to, It doesn'tr stop me because the driver of the car he was in was being stupid and doing it in town and a car from a side street pulled out infront of them and well a crash occured at high speed with 1 death and other serious injusries being the result.

If you must race on the street. Know your surroundings and be careful. Though we should try to get them to the track as much as possible.
here in FL this story was all over the news when it happened, both cars drag racing were mustangs and I believe they still haven't caught the other mustang driver that left the scene

There are stories of this all over the country:mad:
Here it was a 'Mudstain" and a Camaro. They took off out of a hangout and blasted down the road. The kid in the Camaro ran off the road and hit a brick wall that was the sign for a church.
They picked them up w/ an ink blotter and the guys in the tang dissappeared.
Witnesses got the description of the tang. The tang's owner had his dad lie to the cops and it got real ugly.
They sentenced both the punk kid AND the dad last week.
Kids in the CAMARO were 16 -17. They are now turning the screws down on teeny boopers as to when they can drive and when they park it.

SAD, but true. They have to be protected from themselves.:(
That's where the parents should be held responsible, as was in this case.

Chuck is correct.

I live about 7 min. from where the church is, chastain rd in marietta. The next day there were so many flowers you couldn't hardly see the brick sign. It was a big sign too, about the size of 3-4 cars. It was quite a ways off the road too but wet grass doesn't doo much for braking when losing it around curves at high speed.