uninstalled my alarm. car wont start. purple wire???


I just uninstalled my alarm and I got all the wires out and everything. but, there is a factory purple wire that comes off of a bundle of wires. this wire then comes into a little black square where it is sodered to a terminal. then a purple wire and a black wire come off the box and are cut and taped together. the toher two terminals on the box went to the alarm. So, I tried to start my car and it wouldnt start. so I am guessing that the purple and the black wire go to my starter?? i looked around and couldn't really see the other end (where it was cut) of the purple and black wire. do you guys know what I shouuld do?? thanks alot. I am home for spring break and only have a week to drive my car, so a quick response would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
adam isadore.
There should be a 10 AWG purple wire that is the ignition wire that was cut and used for starter kill, if it is cut there will be 2 purple 10 AWG wires that need to be soldered or butt spliced back together. The black wire is probably part of the relay if it does not look like a factory wire.

The purple wire is cut in 2 an then tied into a relay which is closed when alarm is off and open when the alarm is engaged, just make sure that you reconnect the 2 purple wires and you will be back on the road again :) .