Update (fixed): Trans Temp Guage reading high!


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May 24, 2001
Bruce hits it again. After my motor rebuild a ground wire got left dangling behind the motor harness. It took a while to find it, but hooked up the wire and trans reads 155 normal warmed up cruise on freeway. Thanks for all the suggestions and help guys.
What is a normal trans temp? I get about 180 on a 50 deg day. w/ an orange strip on the highway. It always runs hotter than the engine. I am using an extra external cooler in front of the radiator too.
Normal for my car with a B&M 28,000 GVW cooler bypassing the radiator on a 60 deg day is 155-180 with a 3500 stall Non L/U convertor. Racing under same conditions is 180-210.