May 3, 2006
wondering what to expect,car went 11.00 at 121 on 23# it had je pistons steel center crank caps and arp bolts and studs champion alum heads scorpion rockers 212 flat tappet cam, 66 p trim ball bearing turbo cottons front mount intank dp 72 lb injectors,smc alky kit, fast computer, stock suspension NOW it has metco alum upper and lower rear control arms spohn sway bar ported heads comp roller cam 210/215 t&d shaft mount rockers 4in air intake cottons 3in ss exhaust, qa1 shocks all around just bought racetronix fuel pumps and all new lines, ported manifolds and now razor alky kit
I went 119 mph on a stock engine with a TA49. I might suggest spending some time tuning what you have rather than spending more money on more parts. Combo is in my sig. Almost all of my parts are inferior to yours. Just guessing, but you should be running mid-120s by now.

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ported the heads because it sucked the bolt from the throttle body into the cylinder so sent the head to get cleaned up and had them done then
11.0 at 121 is good for 23lbs depending on weight and 60ft.if you want to go fast on the 66p turn the boost up and hook the car.