upholstery paint

Dan Buick Man

Buick lover
Jan 30, 2004
Asked this in the show car/restoration page with no response. Has anyone used this stuff? One of my headrests is faded and I am wondering if this stuff works. Opinions please. Thanks.
i used some on my sun visors, it looks much better than the old yellow faded cloth, but definatly doesn't look good. I Might do my head liner in the stuff, i'll have to see. I wouldnt' do a head rest, mainly because it makes the cloth feel really weired, almost like a sand paper, it wouldn't look or feel right. If your in a pinch then go for it, but you will probably want new headrest soon.
When using upolstery paint a lot depends on the color you are painting over. Black will cover better than other colors

If your head rests need doing why not take them out & have a pro do them over.
Yeah, I think I will take it to a pro. That and the back seat on the top. I have GN seats and I wasn't sure about what they would do with the 6 emblem. Guess I'll find out. Thanks for the replies.
You can order new headrests, they aren't cheap, but they are very good. I'm going to order new seat covers and new headrests soon but then take them to a pro to install.