Upper brake switch related to TCC locking up?

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ok i went to check underthe dash and I saw another switch on top of the brake switch. This switch was white i think. the switch was not pushed all the way in so the button on the switch was not depressed and was out the whole time. could this be the reason why the TCC is not locking up in 4th gear? i didn't test drive the car yet but I will soon
Yep, that switch if its the one with three wires coming from it, controls lockup and I think the brake light. Push them both all the way in so that they are pressed all the way by the brake pedal. I had the same problem when I changed to vacuum brakes. Didn't put the switch in all the way and almost burned up my trans.
I'm glad I checked up on that switch ASAP. I didn't know that switch was not all the way in.
yeeeeess! problem fixed. it was the upper brake switch. Just had to push it all the way in. Now I have lockup!!:D :D :D

I guess I was overheating the tranny the whole time. Darnit.
Are all G-body's the same concerning the two switches? My car is an 85 Monte SS. My lockup also does not seem to work (??). I just checked and I only have the lower switch - there is a hole for one above it but no switch in sight - is this the cause of my non-functioning lockup?

I dont know if the Monte's have the switch up top. probably missing a switch. i'm sure someone will chime in here.