Upper Dash Panel screws


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Apr 10, 2011
Gentlemen, What size are these Upper Dash Panel bolts. These things are being a pain in my ass. They are star bolts. T-something????? I'm getting old. Any Idea?


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This is the closest thing you can get without finding some OEM screw.
The OEM Screw is a 7mm head - drive size T-20 - Pitch 1.5 - length 19mm
I have some of those special screws, if needed.
Thank you. You a good man. I'll let you know . I'm sure I'll be able to return the favor sometime.
I have some of those special screws, if needed.
Thanks again for the offer for the screws. I finally finished the job and believe it or not I didn't drop any in the vent holes. Even painted the old ones. Hopefully one day I can return the offer for you. Thanks again.
Guys. What you do with the stripped holes? I have about 3 of them and no way can put a clip.
Stripped holes in the dash under the dash pad?. I would try wrapping the screws with teflon tape and then try to screw them in with that. If that's what you mean the dash pad has like 10 screws holding it in. Its not going to rattle. Remember don't overtighten them.