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What are the details on the V3 intake ? I read the post on the prototype but now I am more interested in the price and availability. Can anyone help ? Jay ?

I was gettin signed up on the group purchase Turbomotion I/C kit...but I wonder would that be the more expensive route ? I have a stock turbo but am planning to upgrade next season...maybe TA49 or TA33....taking into account the high price of a turbo ($600-700 USD), whats the point in me going to the I/C kit ($1200 group) and turbo when I could go V3 and turbo for probably less money and just as quick if not qiucker....?

Sounds like a good debate....but I guess it would depend on the price of the V3
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Hi all-
This latest version is what I should have done in the first place. For some reason I kept trying to make the intake work with the turbo nozzle goin in the back. There are only a few ways to improve the flow with that limited thinking. Once I saw how the IC version was making power it was easy to see what needed to be done. The new intake does not look stock at all and it requires that you roll the compressure housing to line up the turbo nozzle with the intake. Even tho it has only been tested on one car I have a very good feeling about the intake.
The cost will be around 450.00 plus core and shipping. I am also wanting to help out any one that bought the first style in that I will change there intake into the new version. Im not sure what the cost will be but it will be less of course. I just need to do one to see how long it will take.
If anyone has any questions I can be reached @ citori1@home.com or 941.228.3136
I like the idea of an intercooler simply because it has the word 'cooler' in it (maybe this feeling was psychologically implanted in me since I overheated and blew my engine) :)

I don't like the idea of pumping HOT air into my engine (300+ degrees I've heard). And of course, more boost = hotter air. With an intercooler I'm told you pretty much cool the compressed air to outside air temps.

Also, it's hard to compress hot air. Thus detonation is more of a problem.

True an intercooler is more expensive, but it'll lead the way to complement future upgrades nicely. Correct me if I'm wrong, but adding the TM IC kit (or any IC in general) to a stock 84/85 car should see gains in the range of 1 second in the quarter? Does that sound right?

Just spitting out what I've heard.

Thanks for that quote Geoff87 - I hadn't read that post for awhile and I see Jay has provided the info.

Dave - I just thought I would throw this out there 'cause I know many guys are on a budget (if not all of us) and I think it's important to keep costs down while boosting performance. I too, like the thought of the IC kit - I don't like heat any where near my engine if I don't have to.

I am still a vote for the IC after some thought, plus I don't want anything to do with a melt down right now....since I just spent a fortune on my rebuild. Mind you, $450 sounds alright, plus say $650 or so for a TA49 = $1,100 bones. It seems to work out the same as the IC kit but the IC kit is definitely the "safer" route blowing cool air instead of hot.
The IC Kit will make more power

Look at Drews cars trap speed, Look at mine. We have similar combos (lots of mods) EXCEPT he has ported heads and I dont, I have the IC and he doesnt.

My car goes 112mph in street trim 17psi, street chip, pump gas. Drews car went 111.62 on 20psi I dont know what fuel/chip Drew was using on his great 11 sec runs.

Trap speed = HP

What i'm trying to say.... The IC kit will make more power with the same mods compared to no IC. The V3 defenatly rocks though and seems like a good low cost mod :)