Vacuum brakes converted pedal plus many more stock parts for sale


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My other threads were getting confusing with buyers committing to parts then backing out via message that I figured I’d start a new thread since I want to ad some new parts to the list.
All prices are obo within reason unless I have another interested buyer willing to pay asking.

-powermaster brake pedal converted to vacuum brake pedal. Pin is spot on in the correct spot. Can easily be converted back to powermaster/hydro boost pedal as the hole is already there.
$60 shipped lower 48

-powermaster brake system with a good motor pump, good master cylinder, good switch, needs accumulator ball. 200 shipped anywhere in USA priority mail

-powermaster brake switch excellent condition $35 shipped lower 48

-complete stock air cleaner system with intake pipe, elbow, upper, lower canister, and feet with all the bolts. Also includes the soft pipe to the bell of the turbo. Looks good but willing to throw a coat of black engine paint on it. No sensors or paper air filter included.
$100 plus shipping

-stock ign coil oem $40 shipped lower 48

-stock IAC $25 shipped lower 48

-Trunk lid rusted free just come pick it up.

-upper radiator support plate nice $65 shipped. I can also hit this with a coat of black engine enamel

-stock boost controller. 59k miles excellent condition $50 shipped lower 48

-set of original 1987 dated eagle GT black walls off my 1987 WE4. About 35% used till I bought larger tires and these went straight into my living room for 32 years. Never been outside. Zero rot. Plz see my other ad for pics.
$300 very firm local deal only please. We tried shipping but it was too much for members and it was just too much back and forth for nothing. Plus these are only for sale till I get paid again on 4/24 if they don’t sell by then I want to hang on to then. Sorry

-3 GN Delco radio units. Untested. All I can tell you is they all power up and turn on. Anything else is anyone’s guess.

-original oem Genuine car jack. Used but nice condition. $100 plus shipping. It’s not too heavy but it’s not light either.

-stock turbo mount assembly mint condition $75 shipped USA

-stock turbo cover. Painted black with exhaust manifold paint $90 shipped lower 48

-stock posi rebuild kit. Literally 200 miles on the friction plates before the ring gear blew all well within spec. Lot of meat on the bone lol. $110 shipped lower 48

All pics will be up by tomorrow afternoon

Sorry no PayPal accepted. Usps post office money order only. Once you buy the MO send me a pic of it and I’ll mark the part sold. I ship the same day the money order comes which Is why I only accept usps money orders because I cash it and ship your package in the sane transaction.

A part is available until I mark it as sold.
Thanks for looking


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A few more parts:

-stock oil cooler sandwich plate, fastener ,earl brown o-ring, excellent condition stock oil cooling lines selling all together $75 shipped lower 48.

-trunk lock cylinder and key (no hardware included. Just the cylinder and 2 keys as seen in the pic $15 shipped lower 48

-complete package deal set of ARP head studs 6 point nuts. And main bearing cap stud kit. $65 shipped for all lower 48

(Off the topic) IPHONE X aka iPhone 10 great condition. Works with sprint. Not stolen or blacklisted. I’m actually still using it but I can’t afford 2 lines anymore promo ran out. Comes with box, charger,sync cable, box, manuals, and my used headphones (if you really want them. Personally I don’t put used headphones in my ears. But I can clean them good for you)
$600 shipped only in USA.


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Stock original oem front side markers have a lot of wear and tear. Left side is cracked but does not leak in water. Good for spares or to put on that beater regal to get it on the road or sold
$45 shipped USA.


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Powermaster down to $180 shipped.
Vacuum or powermaster pedal down to $50 shipped
Upper radiator support down to $55 shipped
Stock oil cooler sandwich plate and lines down to $60 shipped.
Anything else message me a fair offer.

Looks like that tires are getting sold but I will update.
Posi clutches sold pending payment
Drivers side headrest shipped via priority this morning.
Everything else still available. Make an offer via pm
Original WE4 tires sold and picked up today. I’m gunna miss them I’ve had these since I was 17. My mom was crazy smart making me keep those tires. I have no idea how she knew that would be valuable 32 years later lol. GN-intercooled take good care of my original tires plz. And of course enjoy the too.
One final price drop on the powermaster (good motor,switch, and master cylinder, accumulator ball needs to be replaced). $160 shipped anywhere USA via priority mail.

Powermaster or vacuum brake pedal $45 shipped lower 48 (parcel post at this price)

Final price drop on both of these parts before I put them back in storage.

Everything else listed is negotiable within a reasonable offer.
Powermaster sale pending payment in the mail.

Here’s what I have left with updated prices.

Powermaster switch $25 shipped lower 48

Powermaster pedal $40 shipped via parcel post usps lower 48 only.

Stock complete air cleaner assembly with intake pipe, elbow, feet with bolts, all hardware, flex pipe from turbo bell to maf, 59k Miles, no paper element filter or sensors included $100 shipped lower 48 only via parcel post

Stock ignition coil $35 shipped lower 48

Stock IAC and TpS combo working $45 shipped

3 stock Delco cassette radios GN gloss faceplate. All of them power up and turn when connected to power. Anything else I can’t verify so they are being sold as a set as is for parts $80 shipped via parcel post lower 48 only

Stock posi LSD unit. Excellent condition. Good pinion gear. No ring gear. $250 shipped via parcel post very firm (it’s heavy) 8.5 unit. Clutch plates are still good. Lower 48 only

Stock boost controller $45 shipped lower 48

Stock turbo mount. $65 shipped anywhere USA

Stock turbo heat shield newly painted gloss black with high temp exhaust paint $60 shipped lower 48

Upper radiator support bracket $50 shipped lower 48 via parcel post.

Stock oil cooler sandwich plate and excellent condition oil cooler feed and return lines $60 shipped anywhere USA via priority mail

Stock jack. No tire iron $65 PLUS SHIPPING

Used ARP headstuds and main cap studs $60 shipped anywhere USA via priority mail

Trunk lock cylinder and 2 keys $15 shipped. Or free just pick it up in person.

Free truck lid has rusted lip. Just pick it up in Daytona Beach Fl 32114

Stock left and right front side markers. Fair condition. Great for that regal that isn’t in the greatest shape but missing front blinker corner lights $40 shipped lower 48
Brake pressure switch sold to Cyrus72. Thanks again for your reoccurring business

Also selling
Stock wastegate $40 shipped lower 48
Stock turbo elbow $50 shipped lower 48
Stock turbo bell $25 shipped lower 48
I will take
Powermaster pedal $40 shipped via parcel post usps lower 48 only.

Pm for paypal info.


Unfortunately I don’t use PayPal anymore. I would be happy to sell it to you for $40 but I would need a usps money order in the mail. If you give me your word I will hold it till the money order arrives. Lmk if u still want it.
Ok send me your address in PM ill get it out to you.

Powermaster brake pedal sold pending payment.

Also selling 2 ECU chips
1 stock GM chip that came with the car from the dealer
1 aftermarket chip that works with a stock injector setup. It came with a GN I bought a few years ago. Idk what chip it is. All I can say is both chips function perfectly under boost and normal driving conditions. Both tested by me. Selling both as a set. Not looking to separate. $100 shipped anywhere USA obo. (Price based on the eBay past selling prices of the oem stock chip).

The pic is of chip #2 (the stock chip is in my storage unit).


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