Vacuum brakes converted pedal plus many more stock parts for sale

Bump TTT another visit to the hospital. Yup my monthly “timeshare”. Jesus Christ my chest hurts so bad. Literally feels like someone plunging a knife into my chest every time I inhale deep enough. Wtc collapse is gunna wind up killing me. Just a matter of time before my body gives up. I want y’all to know that if anything happens to me and you already sent money to me my wife knows exactly what to send to you. As soon as you pm me a pic of the money order the parts are labeled with your name, address, and money order number.
So I know I vent on here about my health decline because it really really enraged me that my lifespan is cut in half because is the career I chose. Just not fair and this is literally my only outlet to vent to a bunch of car guys and girls about how shitty my life has become . I’m trying my best to stay among the living but if anything happens, I swear all y’all will get your parts in a timely manner. But I have no friends here. I wanted to stay in nyc but the cold air would have killed my if I stayed. I had no choice plus my wife had a job opportunity Down here.
So please don’t let the money order thing scare you guys because my wife is ready to pick up the sales if anything happens to me. So if u see anything you like please don’t hesitate to pm me an offer.
80% of Florida Doctors don’t accept the special wtc service connected insurance (especially on breathing inhalers. I found that out the hard way this month). So I really need to fund a trip to nyc to see the real doctors at NYU and fdny bhs who are handling the primary care for firefighters/EMS personnel who are ill from the collapse. So I will say goodnight and TTT :cool:
Bill hope all is well. Hang tough man!
Thanks , I actually had to go back in tonight for another asthma attack I had while I was working on my car. I over did it with the sanding the original paint off.
But please don’t anyone to whom sent me money. I promise you guys will get your parts. Rick , (Cyrus72) I’m still waiting for a nice beaming hot sunny day to hit your timing cover with a coat of that gray engine paint we spoke about. (And I’m waiting on the 2nd money order to arrive. But you’re my boy so even if the money order didn’t come by the time I was finished with it I would still send it to you because I trust you). I’m sorry that it took a little longer to complete. After I did the EB porting I let it soak in my parts washer for over a week just to soften up any inside dirt. And then I plan to re check all of the new oil pump gears just to be 100% sure that the lash and clearance are spot on spec. Like I said I’m not a car mechanic. I’m a licensed motorcycle mechanic and nothing is more important when it comes to a new oil pump then filing the burr off as well as checking the lash clearance as well as the height clearance. In the “crotch rocket” motorcycle world one could actually blow up their engine by replacing the oil pump without checking clearance the gears rub, edges break off and tiny pieces end up between the crankshaft journal and a connecting rod plain bearing turning the bearings into aluminum foil. I didn’t last long at the dealership I worked at after I retired from fdny and graduated Wyotech because I refuse to bs a customer by leading them to believe that replacing the oil pump will bring that oil pressure back up that they lost by doing a 30 second wheelie. I educated a lot of customers by telling them that the only way they will get that oil idiot light off is by having the engine rebuilt. And I would take the time to explain that oil pressure isn’t made by the oil pump it’s made by the resistance against the flow of oil. Now like I said I’m not a TB mechanic but I am 1000% thorough especially when it comes to anything oil related because like I said a person could see low oil pressure and be tempted to buy a nice melling oil pump from autozone for $30 (which is actually a very good replacement for our cars) pull the cover off pop out the old gears (that most likely were still good and well within spec) and install the new pump gears, pack everything in petroleum jelly and close it up without checking anything. And 45 minutes later they have a rod knock from either debris chopping up the bearings or the gears are jammed in there so tight that the shaft that is pressed into the main pump gear breaks loose inside the gear and free wheels without moving any oil at all and by the time anyone realizes it. The damage is already done.
But I’m just using my motorcycle mechanics knowledge as well as my years of owning a Mitsubishi 3000gt vr4 with a bulletproof engine and huge turbos to kinda learn the TB cars because it’s not like the 80s and 90s where I would take my WE4 to the dealer for service or if anything broke. Now I / we are kinda on our own. Dealers really don’t know anything about these cars. I went to a dealership parr’s counter out here for one turbo stud and he told me I had to replace the entire exhaust housing because it’s all one unit. For $600 plus tax. I’m telling you i almost passes out laughing. I went to auto zone and bought 3 exhaust bolts and just put a bolt where the stud was. (Saved myself $640 lol) anyway I apologize for the long post. I’m so board. I can’t sleep because I was tubed when they brought me in and now my throat is on fire. So I’m watching Breaking Bad on my laptop and talking to y’all to pass the time. I have one more blood gas test in the morning and then I go home. Don’t worry rick I got you covered. Like a said I’m very cautious when it comes to oil related components because I know if I make a mistake what it will do to your engine. So I make damn sure everything is perfect before I ship it to you.

Ok on to you Matt. (Sinisturbo)
I wasn’t aware that you were using it for vacuum brakes. Tomorrow after I get out of here (provided my wife goes to church and I can sneak away to my storage unit I will drill the hole in the correct spot for you to press your new pin into and it will work with your vacuum booster. Then I will hit it with 2 coats of black paint. It will look dope man. I tried to get it out yesterday/Saturday but the post office closed. But it’s a good thing I wasn’t able to ship it because I didn’t know yet wanted it for vacuum brakes. But like I said it’s no problem. Takes 10 minutes to measure and drill the initial hole then the burr hole so you can press the pin into it.

Both you guys got my word that I’m on top of everything. Making all y’all who bought from me happy is my first priority and I’ll do whatever it takes.

I’m gunna try to sleep. They just gave me something for anxiety so I’m gonna try to go with it.
Goodnight guys.
Ps I apologize for the long story and any misplaced words. They gave me some pain medication earlier for my throat.
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TTT (I went back in the er but I should be discharged in the morning. Plz check out my other mods 4 sale threads. I may have to sell my project WE4 because I’m getting too sick to finish it). I’m still thinking that over.