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Can someone help with a price check? Mint 87GN 19,026 original miles. Car located in Pa at an Audi dealer.
Asking $33,992. I noticed on the carfax it had the following work done recently and was not sure a car with this mileage would need all of this work done:
transmission pan gasket replaced
diff cover resealed
shift lever seal replaced
valve cover gasket replaced
Please let me know the value of this car in todays market.
Thanks in advance
I think the asking price is in the ballpark if the car is truly clean and mileage is correct. Not crazy considering it’s a dealer. The issues that you list are quite normal for a car that has been sitting for a long time.
Thanks for the reply. I am going to look at the car tomorrow.
Any specific things I should look for?
Hit up gn TType .org and there's a checklist rpo codes etc. Make sure rpo codes vin (label on trunk) matches the one on dash. Also that where you'll find all the options lc2 motor etc. Vin break down as well
A nice clean carfax is always nice. Should at least authenticate the claimed mileage. Dealer should do it for you.
I went to look at the car today. It is for sale at a Porsche/Audi dealer. No paperwork beyond a carfax and some repair work. Car has a non stock turbo and air filter.
For the asking price I was expecting more history.
There may not be a lot of 'paperwork' due to the fact that the car was sitting for long periods of time and the owner doing his own maintenance. My car doesn't have a lot of paperwork for just that reason. My GN is mint also and has 108k miles. But if you look at it, it looks like maybe 30k miles. I would be more concerned on the overall condition of the paint and interior as both those areas are expensive to restore. And of course a CLEAN Carfax......
They claim it was bought all at once from a collector. IN the showroom, they had a UGR Gallardo, Porsche GT2, GT3, 993 Twin Turbo and a 944 Turbo from the same guy. The interior and paint look beautiful. Both doors have a small dent.
My bumper fillers look the same way. My original intent was to replace them. They polish out and look good for a couple of days before hazing up again. I like the originality. So I've left them alone.
I like the car in question here. If I was in the market it would be a candidate.
Ask the dlr whose collection it came from. No answer, no sale.
@ $33K, and no info, I'd walk.
Buying it w/o info is kinda like buying a hamburger at a Chinese rest. Mystery as to what you are really getting!:D
I agree on both points. Would like to get it closer to $30,000 without all of the information I need.
The bumper fillers look bad on this car.
What kind of GN are you currently in the market for? Because these days, it's getting harder and harder to find one unmodded/all original. While the prices of all GNs, regardless of condition have been growing exponentially over the last 2 years, you have to ask yourself what your plans or ultimate goal for your GN will be and what kind of usage do you plan on getting out of it.

I feel like that price is just a bit on the high side for one that has basic mods, several of which you still have overlooked. You need to take another look at everything going on in that engine compartment other than just the turbo. Also, did you notice the air dam or speedo overlay? Gotta make you wonder how someone would do that and not wanna drive(more like pound on) it. Based on that, I would take a good, hard look into the mileage claim.

Now, the bumper fillers believe it or not, is what you'd actually want to see. The qualty of materials 30 years ago was not what it is today. Hazing/discoloration is a good clue into originality, general care/storage, and the fact it likely hasn't been involved in an impact or collision. Since you literally have to do nothing to have the original bumper fillers deteriorate and crumple.

In my opinion, if that GN was "all original" and the mileage truly reflected, then yeah I could see it going for what the dealer is asking. But it's not. With the right parts, I guess it could possibly be put back to or very close to original? But that's going to take time hunting the parts and more money. I feel like depending on the condition in person and how it runs/drives, top of the mark, all in for me would be $28k. But only if the car was up to snuff. Even then, I'd still aim for $23k-ish.

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Thanks for your analysis. I agree on many points, mostly the value. If I could get the car for around $30K, I would do it.
IS there something with the speedo overlay I can look at to see if it was tampered with?
These are easily tampered with. There's a few minor mods I see. I would have them put it on the rack. Take a look at the underside.
Maybe take a look at pics of original cars and then look at this one. It's not too hard to see what looks original and what looks modded or tampered with.

Drive the car and see how she feels. There's plenty of low mile cars that lived those miles hard. On the opposite side of the spectrum, there's high mile cars that are babied and still look new. I'd judge on a case by case basis.

The price is probably right on the money with such low miles. Personally, I'd be sick about driving it and adding more miles, but that's just me.

Must you have such a low mile car? There's lots of them around here with loads of documents. I wouldn't expect a dealership to have any documentation...
Underhood: Mass air flow hard pipe with orange hoses, plug wires, kenne bell ram air, air filter. Interior: horn button ring should be color of interior trim(grey), speedometer overlay. These should all be easy fixes and we should be able to help you find those parts if you want to put it back stock or at least have the stock parts. Looks clean. If you like it and feel it is legit then you may want to buy it if the price is right for you. Also paintless dent remover for the small dent in each door as you described.