Value Check

My take: The seller got top $ for the other cars, and the GN, being a "regular persons" car, was thrown in, as a incentive to "take it all".
Those other cars are a totally different "culture", and certainly aren't in the $30K range.
My bet is that GN was not in a "collector's stash".
They advertise it as a 3 owner. I doubt a serious collector would be into a used GN.
If they won't tell you who the collector is, I'd tell them to find someone else.
Lastly, check it well, for having a "factory authorized" repaint.
you can see it in the " CARS FOR SALE " section under my name. hard top, has g80 and a lot of paperwork including laminated window sticker.
Can someone help with a price check? Mint 87GN 19,026 original miles. Car located in Pa at an Audi dealer.
Asking $33,992. I noticed on the carfax it had the following work done recently and was not sure a car with this mileage would need all of this work done:
transmission pan gasket replaced
diff cover resealed
shift lever seal replaced
valve cover gasket replaced
Please let me know the value of this car in todays market.
Thanks in advance
Looks like dealer trying to repair leaks before sale. Price dropped to $31,994. But as started above without history not worth it. Probably better off purchasing low mileage car from here with history and no mods.
Dealer should have removed door dings too, they should have paintless dent remover on site weekly.

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Completely agree. The lack of documentation is a big concern for me.
Will keep looking for the right car
please clarify, are you talking about my car with 4000 miles or that other one at the dealer with 19,000 miles ? If mine, then good luck finding a better car that's 30 years old with a lot of documentation.
I was talking about my original post regarding the dealer's GN. I have no doubt yours is one of the best, just a little out of my price range.