Value Question


Hey all,

I was hoping for some feedback. I am looking at an 87 White T with Burgundy interior. It has 33,000 miles and also has GNX fenders, flares and rims/tires.

Was wondering what you thought this car might be worth today?

If it is as nice as the 33k miles might make it seem, and the buyer was ok with those "GNX" additions i bet it could bring $25-35k. Kinda depends on the options, if the stuff all works, paint/interior are real nice. Hey, for the "right" buyer it could go way higher. Would I pay that? probably not but I'm not really a buyer for a car like that.
If you have the cash and it checks your boxes, I can't see why it isn't a good way to spend some money and get a unit to go to the shows and such.