valve cover gaskets

cork, dry.

Im gonna use srt8 RTV this time, i installed them dry and made sure they were flush, stil a leak.
Cork gasket here also. altho I had to use some RTVsilicone on them to seal up a leak, but they are aftermarket valve covers.
After Market cover but should work on stock cover too
Cork doubled;)
Used RTV to seal to the cover then second gasket sealed to first gasket
No more leaks:)
I have used everything out there. 80% sealing rate :cool: just don't overtighten the cork ones.
Cork here

With aftermarket vc's I like to use a little weather strip adhesive and glue the gasket to the head. I use to glue them to the valve cover but getting the covers back on without disturbing the gasket is impossible. The stock vc's have a nice recessed groove for the gasket to sit in. They also have the cut outs for the tabs to lock in to. No sealer/glue required.