valve spring changing tool. the easy way

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Jun 19, 2001
Here is a little tool i made from an old rocker arm. it works really good, you can adjust what angle you pull from by using a ratchet in the socket and you can get your ratchet out of the way by using an extension when you are in the hard to reach place under the a/c. the shaft is just 13/16 TGP solid stock but you could use 3/4" anything or even cut up an old rocker shaft. when we do them we only hand tighten down the bolt that holds the shaft and go at it. really easy way to do it.

hope this helps


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The socket idea is cool. Why didn't I think of that?! Gonna have to change mine now. Thanks alot, Jason. ;)
Thanks for posting it here Jason. It's a great idea and if someone decided to make them it would sell for sure.

I made one - but NOT selling it ;-)

Worked totally awesome - Thanks Jason!


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Looking at this the only mod I'd make is to have the pipe go from the center to the outer valve spring. this way you can do three out fo six fairly easily.
great pics. anyone can make one of these very easily so the only way they would sell is if you sold them for the same price as you can make them and that is basically for nothing... lol. On this one we will have to just leave it to the do it yourselfer