Valve springs? GN1, billet roller, t&d noises


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May 24, 2001
I was doing a little wondering on my car. As mentioned the combo is GN1 heads, Billet 214 roller cam and t&d shaft mounted rockers.

The car seems to have quite abit of valvetrain related noise. Any one ran into this, Have you corrected it?

I thought about upping the spring pressure to get the lifters to follow a little better, they seem to be skipping across the top of the lobe.

I cannot remember what springs are in it, I do know that they are the ones that came with the budget roller kit (probably low pressure so it would last 3 weeks instead of 2). And now with the billet I belive that it is possible to run more pressure.

Which 214 Cam is this? I had Gn1s and TDs with the ATR 214 Billet and it was what I considered quiet. How much preload are you putting on the lifters?
It is a precision roller. .050-.060 preload.

tried more, still there.

It's not a tick (it is but not like a loose rocker), it sounds like 120 fuel injectors running, instead of 6.
I have the 210 billet now...mine is very quiet. Harry did increase the spring pressure a little from the initial budget cams...meaning he used two different sets on the budget-going stronger on later cams to stop skipping at higher rpms...
i have the 214-210 billet roller with 1.55 t&d roller rockers with gn1's. ya its a bit more noisy than the stock setup but not real bad. i asked Jack Cotton bout the noise when i went to pick the car up after the new engine and he said that amount of noise was normal. Hey Justin what combo do you have in that beast now??
I spoke to Harry in the past and he said that the original budget roller springs would work fine. It was noisy too. And showed signs of leaping over the lobe.
I run Champ irons with stock rocker, 210 billet roller and have the same issue. I have a pretty nasty clacking noise.........mostly from the driver side. The springs (as I remember anyway) are 120lbs at the seat, 310ish at the nose. I had actually thought of lowering the spring pressure a bit. I figured the noise was really coming from the plunger area (collapsing somewhat)?
Valve spring Pressure

Here is some info. Last summer my son tried one of MM budget roller kits. His was one of the first to go bad. After some what of a delay, finally go a few $ back. By this time we went to a steel roller with the plans to use all the other parts out of the kit. The shop who built his short block put on new valve springs. Gave the old ones back to us saying they were not strong enough. Didn/t say what pressure they were. After seeing this post a few days ago, I finally go around to checking the pressure on the old budget roller springs. Keep in mind these springs were advertised as 130-135 closed pressure and I assume they were when first installed since the same shop put them in originally. These springs were moly coated before being used. Moly coating is to run cooler, less friction, and keep their original pressure longer. I checked all 12 today @ 1.750 in---80-85 lbs. pressure/ And yes my gage is accurate. Don/t know if both PT&E and MM were using the same spring. Would make a nice set for a flat tappet!!!!
I figured the noise was really coming from the plunger area (collapsing somewhat)?
I've been told that the link bars can make some noise, so maybe that's what you are hearing?
I guess I should call comp and see what they recommend for spring pressure for that cam.
I hope so Carl. This is cam number 3 (two cast rollers, and this billet). I equate the noise to a lobe going flat, but the cam had a surface hardness of 63c, so I doubt it's a lobe. Made the noise since day one. Honestly, I'm afraid to yank the intake.......I'll just let it clack :eek:
Lifter noise

I have a 212 billet roller with T and Ds and use Comp941 valve springs. My lifter preload is set at .025 or 1/2 turn. Valve train is quiet but you can tell it is not stock. If you have to much preload, vacuum will be low plus there will not be much cushion for the lifter to absorb. The lifter might act as a solid lifter thus increasing valve train noise. Just my o2. Hope this helps!
Roller noises

I'm running the CC 218/212 billet roller and kit from Dave Weber. It's noisey w/ the "scorpions".. But since they are now gone, I've switched to a T&D setup w/ 1.65 ratios. will know more later...:confused: :confused: :confused:
A point of interest.. T&D makes 2 setups for the 14 and 8 bolt rockers. If you just order the kit and don't specifically ask, you will get the rockers w/ the bare axle/roller combo on the tips.[smelled too much like a scorpion to me]:D :D , so I called and asked what's the deal? For $500, why no bearings? They say "oh, that's another $15.00 per rocker"!! SO back to T&D for 3 weeks to get the "good stuff". IT NEVER ENDS!!