VB check ball ?

Lee Thompson

New Member
May 24, 2001
There are 3 balls in the VB. What effect does leaving the middle one out have? BTW, using a L/U convertor with CK dual feed plate. Thanks
Thats the 1-2 shift ball. Shifts are going to slam real hard. IMO Leave it in there
Hi Lee,
I have never installed that check ball. If you use stock TV spring you are all good. If you put in strong TV spring it will kick your head off.
Thanks for the replys

Lonnie, I tried to get you yesterday but I guess your secertary didn't get the message to you. Anyway that was what I wanted to ask you. I am using all stock springs in the VB, but do have a strong pressure reg. system (280max. line pressure.) I'm leaving it out and see if it's too violent of a 1-2 shift. Thanks all.
Lonnie, remember we talked about a L/U convertor a few days ago. You wouldn't believe what I am going through with that deal. Will tell you when we talk again.
Even on my car I have it left out. No accumulators blocked off, CK billet servo, my own valve body kit and it shifts firm but never harsh. Vigilante converter 0pump and it is the perfect shift. When I get a 10" converter for the wife's 86 442, the check ball will be taken out on that trans as I put my old 694 servo in there along with my kit.
I leave it out of every build as well, unless they are using a 12" converter. I tried putting it in mine the last time i was messing with it and really didn't notice a difference so I took it back out.