Very pleased to share my E85 dyno numbers...


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Apr 14, 2012

Today marks the FIRST time in my life I left the Dyno with a BIG smile on my face, coming away with FAR more than I expected!!!

The hard parts:
TE60 Turbo
Terry Houston 3" DP
ATR 3" Dual Catback
Manual Boost Controller
Built Trans & 2800RPM stall
Upgraded Valve Springs
160 thermo
80lbs hour injectors
5wire GM MAF w/MAF2 Translator
PowerLogger and Turbo Tweak E85 Chip w/WB Closed Loop
AEM Wideband & Boost Gauge
Caspers Fuel Pressure Transducer
105k, 25 year old stock motor (ticking time bomb I'm sure)
Slight rms oil leak
Racetronix Aeromotive Double Pumper 340s w/#6 feed & return

31 PSI / 22 degrees timing


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Very good. Run the tallest tire you can preferably 29" slicks. If running a 27" tire I'd run 3.23's. That car must feel really good
TE60 is far too small for my taste but it drives GREAT on the street with the little 2800 lock up.
boostedyards86 said:
sae numbers? std always makes people feel good.

Uncorrected is best on turbocharged engines especially if the load can't be controlled. The pavement loads the engine harder than most dynos can. SAE is about useless comparing one to another especially if at altitude. Great for an NA engine at altitude but it will show some really high numbers for turbo engines that don't correlate to the typical brake specific fuel consumption.
tend to disagree, but thats just me. I own a dyno, and tune on it daily. Big thing that I see is once on the pavement boost can jump way higher than what you had it set at on the dyno. Bring boost back down to where you had it on the dyno and the tune falls back where it should be.
boostedyards86 said:
Bring boost back down to where you had it on the dyno and the tune falls back where it should be.

I can check the SAE again tomorrow when I'm back at the shop Mr. Grinch :)

I ....think... it was 478-479 and 561-568 range.

This shop mostly builds 1K+ HP Supras & GTRs and they for whatever reason leave it on STD.
not being a mr. grinch, my hot air has a similar turbo and i'm just looking for a comparison once i free up more flow through the intake. Import shops are silly. If you posted STD numbers on other sites they call you out asap. I didn't know about this either till I had my balls busted one night.
Sure, Sure I will swing by the shop and get the SAE peaks just for you so you can compare.
Maybe next time a PM asking for the SAE nums would make you seem less Grinchesh. ;)
Dang, nice #'s. Still working on mine trying to sort issues...