Vid of friends TTA spanking a 12 second mustang

did the guy in the mustang ever get on it.....that TA left him like he hit the brakes !!!

that was funny i had to watch that a few times...:D
Too funny!!!

I think the Mustang was in some other race :D

Ah, thanks Justin, I've been wanting to see this video ever since Steve mentioned it last night. I really appreciate the post, and I'm sorry that Conley's closed before you could get your MAF, I'd be pissed too. Well, look at it this least when you finally do get to drive it the wait will make it just that much sweeter.
yeah, the mustang was in it!! He posted the loss on his own site, he must have been impressed with the TTA:)
All I can say is DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IS that guy on this board, if not we need to get him on here because he obviously knows what he is doing with a Turbo 6
That was an awsome video! That was hilarious when the mustangs passenger hears the turbo and says to the driver, "did you hear that?"
The guy that owns it is not on this board, unfortunately.

I will sqeaul on some of his goodies though:cool:

bored .030 with JE pistons

9.5:1 CR

fully ported and polished TTA heads with big valves

Custom grind cam from Conleys

JC TE45 turbo

3" dp


3500 stall n/l art carr converter

50 # injectors

I think thats about it other than the small things. He was running 20 psi that night.
Kinda hard to tell from the video, but is the Mustang the car furthest left who got a good jump on the TTA? If so, I know his jaw was scraping the floormat when that TTA blew past him. What were the guys filming this driving?
They were on the feeder road to a freeway and the car racing the TTA is the car in which the filming was done and it was a Mustang.
waite...Conely's performance in Humble closed??? Damn it. When i stopped by there after just getting my 84Gn (may 2001) everything was cool, I leave for school and everything fall s apart. I was hoping they could help me with some serious mods after i grad (1year). Does anyone know what happened? did they move on go to just private racing like nickens brothers did? I used to build carbs for a Big Carb shop on the north side of houston, Conely didn't need us much (being carbs vs FI) but every once in a while I'd go over there to help them fine tune one of our carbs, they where always cool and had some serious stuff. That just sucks, if anyone has any info on the next good GN place is in North Houston please let me know
Sorry to scare you

What I meant by Conley's being closed is that when Justin ran up there to get his MAF, he didn't make it in time and they had closed for the day...They're still open and doing great, lots of cars and serious work are always there. Sorry for the confusion :p
The TTA race was on the feeder of 45 I believe over by Rankin. That was the same night I gave a modded LS1 5 and the move and embarrassed him royally! Overall I would say it was a good night for turbobuicks:D(and turbo pontiacs:rolleyes: )
Those videos just go to prove the stupidity of Ford drivers. I didn't hear anyone in the stang say "See ya!" when the TTA wacked'em. I'm shocked they actually kept that video to show. How much worse would it have looked if the TTA pulled any of those other cars the Mustang raced. I'm glad that TTA showed those guys "power six" muscle.
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waite...Conely's performance in Humble closed???

Wait...Humble as in Humble, TX? Where they pronounce it Umble? People who live there used to have bumper stickers that said "Get the H out of Humble". Hehe. Sorry...I used to live there and near Houston but haven't been back in about 12 or 13 years. Nice to know someone still visits that wide spot in the road.