*** VIDEO *** Helicopter Kills w/.50 Cal


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Nov 5, 2002
*** VIDEO *** Helicopter Kills w/30mm Cannon

I assume this is from Iraq but I can't confirm. It's shot with infrared night vision and isn't for the faint at heart. Body parts are visible via night vision:

I like how they shot the guy in the truck, waited, saw him BARLY roll over from serious injury. And then decide that they needed to shoot him again with about 10 more rounds.
Thats a 30 mm cannon and not a .50 caliber. .50 caliber rounds don't make stuff (trucks, tractors, people, etc.) explode quite like that.

The story of the video is the that the Apache didn't properly range the first shots so they fell short. The Insurgents heard the shots fall short and one runs to get a hidden RPG. Before he can un wrap it, he is vaporized.
I shoot a bolt action McBros 50 target rifle and YES, with the proper bullet, it WILL almost do that to a truck. AP or APHE (armor piercing or armor piercing high explosive).

I use an 850 grain turned solid bronze bullet in front of 215 grains of IMR 4895 powder (.308 Winchester uses 41 grains).

But you are right. Choppers don't carry 50's anymore, 20 or 30mm in the chin and maybe an M60 in the doors.


a fifty cal will do that especially with fragmantation rounds or incendiary. but we have no helos with a fifty front mount. i have to agree its a 30 mike mike from an apache. the reason they hit that bastard with 10 more rounds is for overkill. you gotta remember, this is war and if you cant take them prisoner, then they must be incapacitated from reentering the war. it seems pretty barbaric but theyd do worse to you if you were captured.
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But you are right. Choppers don't carry 50's anymore, 20 or 30mm in the chin and maybe an M60 in the doors.


I didn't know Apaches flew with the "doors" open :D

I didn't see this the first time it was posted....

When I fired a 50 Cal from my Jolly Green Giant during the Viet Nam era, it was very difficult to hold as accurtely as the video showed....Whatever that platform and weapon was, it was very stable and had a great firecontrol system to do so much with so few rounds fired :)

We owe these soldiers a great deal as they "bring justice to the enemy" to quote President Bush :)
I believe the Apaches 30mm weapon system is very advanced. The gunner has a helmet and a targetting system mounted on it so he can just move his head to aim the gun.
This is why our guys are so good.

The weapon platform is leathal.

The support crew has the weapon aligned so the heads-up display puts rounds exactly on target.

The weapons crew is well trained. Targets are selected in a most threat first rotation. Each target is selected and engaged in turn. Targets are engaged with short bursts for effect and immediately reevaluated. The targets were eliminated with minimal ordance expended. Disciplined round conservation will allow this crew to stay on patrol longer and engage more targets per patrol.
After seeing that they (terrorists) were apparently farming some land I became intrigued and did some research.
That is just a clip of about a five minute video. That guy you see scrambling by the tractor (second to be killed) was going for an RPG that he took over there shortly before.

Also here is a news clip refering to the attack

Iraq: U.S. Helicopter Kills Seven Iraqi Fighters
Tikrit, 14 November 2003 (RFE/RL) -- The U.S. military today said a U.S. Apache helicopter killed seven Iraqis who were about to launch a rocket attack on a U.S. base.

A U.S. military spokeswoman, Josslyn Aberle, said the helicopter spotted the Iraqis late yesterday about 30 kilometers north of Tikrit, the hometown of ousted Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

The spokeswoman said the seven were believed to be Hussein loyalists. One other Iraqi was wounded in the attack and captured while another Iraqi escaped.

U.S. soldiers later went to the area and discovered more than 600 missiles and rockets in two bunkers and on a flatbed truck.

In southern Baghdad, a roadside bomb exploded early today and injured two U.S. soldiers.
They should go "hunting" at night more often!!!

Go get'em boys!!!!:cool:
That was the most amazing thing i have ever seen i mean to actually see 3 ppl get blown away like that wow :eek: and than to see the damage to the truck and pickup crazy stuff U.S. kicks a$$ dont we ? :)
Looks like my thread over on camaroz28.com got locked because some over there complained it was "too graphic" :rolleyes:. I guess those Camaro guys have some weak stomachs....sheesh.
i would pay money to do that.


i guess that is the price of war right there.

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i would pay money to do that.


i guess that is the price of war right there.

I ASSume you mean to be the gunner in the helicopter, and not a terrorist on the ground?:confused: But if you think about it, instead of paying money to do that, you MIGHT be able to GET PAYED to do that...

Paying with YOUR life WOULD be a pretty high price, wouldn't it...:rolleyes:

For anyone who is saying how Kewl, awesome, etc that is, just imagine if someone was doing that to your brother/dad/son etc. Does it make that okay because they're terrorist?:confused:

Sorry to rant - I don't like killing, but even worse, someone that would enjoy killing - and before you unleash the flames on me, I whole-heartedly agree that when it comes down to it, I'd rather lose 10,000 terrorists than 1 US soldier.

I hope I never have to kill, but even more so, I hope that if I ever have to, that I do not hesitate!
I can say...

I wish I could be the one pulling the trigger. There would be alot more dead ones if that were the case. Till I ran out of ammo anyway.....:D