*** VIDEO *** Helicopter Kills w/.50 Cal

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Does it make that okay because they're terrorist?:confused:

Yes it does. It makes it very OK. Splatter them into a bunch of little pieces as they did, and then let me watch it for eternity. Then my existance will be complete. Does that clarify things for you?
Every bad guy who wants us dead in Iraq or Afghanistan is a bad guy we do not have to deal with on US soil....That is a GOOD thing. War is the last thing someone in the military wants, believe me.

When they are about to aim a Rocket Powered Grenade at you, it doesn't matter what you call him....Then, its either him or you that will lose a regular heart beat. Remember, they were setting up to attack an American position. :)

It takes balls to hover over people who want to shoot you down :cool:
I first saw this last week. Thanks for clearing up the story of it and posting a link to the FULL video.

All I have to say is 30mm HE against personnel is downright NASTY.

However, it does make for a very cool (albeit scary) video. Amazing amount and accuracy of firepower delivered in a very detatched manner... just blasting away humanoid white blobs on a FLIR monitor. I can't think of a much better way to state "Don't mess with the US Armed forces" than this and the AC-130 video. Whoa.

I now look to my gunsafe and feel woefully inadequately armed. :p

Im speachless...
In a time like that, you got to do what you got to do; Im not arguing that. HOWEVER, I would not take enjoyment in it as some people have so vividly expressed. You know, those are REAL people, not blurs on a screen! How would you like to pick up the indecipherable body parts of you father? For those of you who would PAY to do that, you might want to contact the mafia. They would love to get paied while you "take care" of their buisness partner (Im sure they could hook you up with a .50 or a 30mm)! :mad:
So you tell me, who is the terrorist: The one who kills himself in an effort to protect his religioin, family and way of life? Or the one who would PAY to kill someone JUST for the shier fun of it?


Flame away!

On Sept. 11, I was speechless. Actually, no I wasnt'.. I remember my first words while watching live....

"Oh my god, my country just went to war".

This video IS that war. No, I'm not trying to make connections with Iraq and 9/11. But these are terrorists... this is the battlefield... and this is the war. Plain and simple. Nobody likes to see people die... But you have to remember that we are the country that shows all the mercy.


When Iraqi citizens are killed in car bombings from these people.. we show mercy and compassion. We pay the expenses and go through the actions of caring for all of these people. Even when Iraqi citizens (not terrorists) were injured from our war efforts.. we showed mercy and compassion.

When Iraqi troops put their guns down and their hands up.... we showed mercy and compassion. As they were walking down the road, did we unload those Apache's on them?? No.. we let them walk.

When Saddam came out of a 'spider hole'. All it would have taken was a gentle squeeze of a trigger and he wouldn't have been much of a problem any more. But he came out in peace... and we showed mercy.

When these guys are preparing to fire on our troops.... clearly have weapons meant for engaging us in combat, should we show mercy. Nope... it's time for them to die. I think that is what many of the comments of amazement in here are about. About the accuracy and capability that our military has worked to acheive in eliminating elements like this and still allow peace and calm on the ordinary streets. These were the only people that died in this incident.

No mercy...

Flying a plane into two occupied buildings on a Tuesday morning!! That's killing thousands of people who were not engaging in combat. They were engaging in life.

Killing thousands of Kerds <sp> to the north with gas and killing thousands of people in the south, torture thousands more in jails, etc, etc... That's no mercy. And this man and his sons enjoyed that thoroughly.

I don't think anyone here actually wants good willing people to die. You didn't hear those pilots laughing or cackling at their 'kills'. They did their job and went home.

With all of this being said on my soapbox, I'm going to step down by saying thank you to those men in the Apache for taking out 7 more people who would NOT SHOW MERCY on us, or the people mentioned above.

Good day everyone.
Guys, I am here(Iraq) and it is a 30 mm on the Apache...It happened right across the river from where I stay in Tikrit. I have tons of crazy pics from over here so if anyone is into weird and bizzare pics of gross stuff, just send me an email at jchapman1998@yahoo.com I'll be glad to send some out. Take it easy guys. For the record, an RPG wouldn't have gotten those guys in the helo, they were 2300 meters away. The biggest thing us guys on the ground have to worry about are the IEDs that they like to place on the roadside for us.....sneaky MFer's.........


Thanks for posting from there. We're all proud of you and thank you every day. Stay safe.

By the way.. under your avatar, you may want to change it.
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For anyone who is saying how Kewl, awesome, etc that is, just imagine if someone was doing that to your brother/dad/son etc. Does it make that okay because they're terrorist?:confused:

Yes it DOES!
If one of my siblings was considered one of those terrorists then they deserve the same punishment!! If a relative was considered a serial killer then I hope they get the chair. PERIOD! The world is becoming a harder place to live b/c the criminals don't fight within the "laws" and we have high paid lawyers to get them back on the streets to continue doing the same thing.... Sorry about the ranting..

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How would you like to pick up the indecipherable body parts of you father?

If my father was a terrorist then he deserved it! I would go pick up his remains and have a nice burial and remember any good things about him and wish him peace knowing that there are living people that are now safer!!!

Originally posted by BOOSTD
So you tell me, who is the terrorist: The one who kills himself in an effort to protect his religioin, family and way of life? Or the one who would PAY to kill someone JUST for the shier fun of it?

You act like they are in a life and death struggle against the world and have the "right" to kill other people around the world??? What life and death struggle does a 13 year old boy have over there? NONE! The CHILDREN are taught to KILL because their RELIGION says it's a good thing.. What fricken struggle is that????? They KILL b/c that's all they know how to do and its FUN and REWARDING to kill. Our children throw rocks at windows for fun. Their childern strap bombs to themselves and walk into public places. I am not going into detail about their religion but don't think for one moment that they kill for SURVIVAL:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
The key to getting things resolved over there for the future is teaching the CHILDREN about the importance of life not the importance of killing.


theres an article on it...

when will people learn, war is war, they did what to help save our troops, and if we didnt get them, they might get us, we should never let them have the advantage...

in EMT/Medic school, one of the things that they have taught us is to have a sick sense of humor, it makes stressful things not so bad.... so on behalf of that reasoning

splatter splatter!
Is the video graphic? - yes
Is it disturbing? - yes (if you have a conscience)
Does it negate the fact we're at war and war is hell? - no

War sucks and is a last resort as I'm sure we can all agree on. Those of us over here like to hear about successes but rarely are we exposed to the gory details of those successes. People, this is life and death. It's not a video game and it's not "just a news story. People are dying every day including our soldiers. The more insurgents we waste the safer our soldiers are.

Lilfe isn't about what you READ in the paper, there are people actually getting hurt, maimed and killed. Most sure enjoy the success we're so proud of but don't want to see or know the details involved.

That delicious hamburger you had yesterday was a living breathing cow a month ago, but you don't think about that when you're making a patty. There's a lot of gory stuff we as Americans would prefer not to see and instead just enjoy what we have (freedom, food on the table, etc.).

Get a taste of what our soldiers are seeing every day and lift your head from the sand. This stuff is happening RIGHT NOW.
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That delicious hamburger you had yesterday

hey, how did you know what i had for dinner? hmm, i want more bbq bacon cheese burger....

one of the kids in my EMT class was a sniper over in iraq... he was over there for eight months...
Originally posted by BOOSTD
Im speachless...
In a time like that, you got to do what you got to do; Im not arguing that. HOWEVER, I would not take enjoyment in it as some people have so vividly expressed. You know, those are REAL people, not blurs on a screen! fun of it?


Flame away!

Here I would have to disagree. I would be very proud to have those kills. My country should be proud also. After all, we paid to train them to do a job. I would say they did their job to a tee! Wouldn't you take any pleasure at all, in yourself,in the fact that what you have been training so very hard and have been instructed and paid to do, by and for your country, and you just did to absolute perfection? ..........OOOOOOOOO ..............I'd have to say I accomplished EXACTLY what was taught to me and what was expected of me, by both myself and my country. ;)

To our buddy......... "TX87GN" ...... I would like to personally thank you for your courage and service. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I would like you to send me some of what you have for footage. One of my best friends was guidence on the first missile launch and I have alot of neat stuff stored.
I would also like you ck in like weekly or when you can so we KNOW you are ok. Good luck , stay low, and keep us informed. ;)

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I wish I could be the one pulling the trigger. There would be alot more dead ones if that were the case. Till I ran out of ammo anyway.....:D


Bruce, if anything you are too kind. If I was the Presidential trigger man the entire middle east would be one giant self lighting parking lot right now. None of those MFers over there are friends of ours. But then again I've been told before that I'm a temperamental bastard. :D If I didn't have the evidence to link Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, etc., to the 9/11 attacks I would have had the CIA make it up. I would have done whatever it took to use 9/11 as the springboard to pull the chain on the middle east and flush them all straight to hell and permanently sanitize a sore that has been festering for too long. I don't expect this opinion to be popular, but oh well......

Damn what's wrong with me? I'm a native Californian. I must have skipped class the day we were all told we're supposed to be a bunch of libs. :D
Ha. Yeah, that's like... say it's Vietnam...

"Hey, we got some VC transporting lots of ammunition, guns, bombs, etc over there"
"We should kill them"

"No, that would be unjust, they are not harming us! What would the news media say?!"
Bruce and all of the guys that requested some pics....I'm gonna get those sent out tonight if work will allow it. I'll let everyone know, these I'm sending are far worse than the helo video. Some of them are a little overkill and some are fromour guys being over cautious. But, you never know what lies on the side of the road for you here......Thanks guys for all of the support, It's great to hear this from guys I would consider my "second" family...I'll keep you guys posted.

SGT Chapman
I didn't review every word but...........

The enemy would just assume kill one of us as to look at us. Outrage? Over 40,000.........40,000 US citizens die every YEAR on American roadways in automobile accidents . That number has alomost been the same since record keeping began sometime in the 50's. Where is the outrage there????????? So I wouldn't worry about the right or wrong of harming the enemy in war. GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!! Drew
TX87GN - PLEASE pass along to all your buddies how proud all of us back in the States are of all of you. I know it's tough being away from home and loved ones and having to be in that **** hole on top of it.

Glad you can get on the board and chat with us.

I shoot high power competition and lots of my friends that I shoot with are ex Nam snipers or are from the Marksmanship Training Units of the Marines and Army.

Take care and be careful.


I was fortunate enough to get a bunch of photos from Sgt. Chapman today. He said I could share them so to make things easier I've uploaded them here.

The .ppt presentation shows a suicide bomber who had C4 strapped to him. Apparently he thought he could take out a Bradley Fighting Vehicle....not.