Vigilante 5 disc 0 pump lockup converter


Jun 6, 2007
Well i put this in and a new front pump not too long ago as i was certain i wanted to stay lockup. I had my trans cleaned up and maintenanced since i needed to buy a new front pump to go back to lockup. I had a change of plans once again and will be pulling out drive train once my new engine is ready to install and i will be going non lockup.

if someone needs a full trans and converter pm me . for now im selling the converter

$500 OBO
this was refreshed in 2012 if my memory server me well ( i called precision before installing it). it has 0 wot lockups , hits hard when cruising and locks, it was put in during my trans was checked, fluid change,filter change, new pump install due to going back to lockup maybe 3 month ago. i can upload pic of receipt when i find it.
no track ever put on it yet, got a drastic change of plans so im going back to non lockup, trying to also buy a more upgraded trans
the converter can be bought with the front pump which has the fluid bypass tube mod already done to it which is recommended by the manufacturer.