VIN Question


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This is probably easy for someone that knows. I'm in the category of people that knows I don't know.

VIN on my 87GN is 1G4GJ1173HP444274

I see some people saying GN #XX of XX made. So is it possible with this VIN to say this is the somenumber GN made in '87? The logic escapes me, but of course that's why I'm asking.

Thanks in advance.
salvageV6 is right, the only way is to look for the GN option code (WE2) on the option sticker on the truck lid. I assume the original trunk lid is still intact and the sticker is still there. Even when my car was repainted, I ask the body shop not to apply paint to the inside of the trunk lid.
all that you can identify by the VIN is where your car was produced relative to all regals produced. Regal production started at 400000 so by the VIN you supplied your car would have been #44,274 made. Then check the door sticker for your build date and then confirm it with the fisher body plate on the firewall cowl under the hood, driver's side near the windshield wiper motor. The upper left corner will provide you a build date. i.e. " H01D " which would mean : H=1987 model year, 01 would be January 1987, and D would be the fourth week of the month.
The simple answer is no, you can't tell what "number" GN it is.

If it helps, my T is 449748 and was built in July, 1987...