Vintage Kenne Bell Hood mount fuel pressure gauge


Feb 8, 2006
You don't see these too often. Kenne Bell hood mounted mechanical fuel pressure gauge. Reads 0-100 p.s.i.

125$ o.b.o.

I don't have the hose and fittings. I'd say the bracket fitted to your car and adjustable angle of the gauge is worth as much as some fittings and hose though. (you won't have to buy a gauge pod, it looks correct for a turbo buick, and almost nobody else will have one like it)
Open to all offers. Not much of a market, so I'm not totally sure what a fair value is. I know an autometer gauge and pod would cost around 75$, but this is made for a turbo-buick.

Make an offer.
Send me some more pics but I'll probably take it. PM coming
pm replied. Here's more pics and info:

You'll need an adapter for the fuel rail fitting, some line to the gauge (like 3AN line) and a fitting on the back of the gauge. It has a 3/8"-24 male thread for the pressure port on the back. There may be some other more flexible line that is commonly used for a mechanical fuel pressure gauge, but I'm not sure because I've never installed one before.



fuel gauge

Did You get the PM I sent which was that I would take It for #75. send payment info.
Thanks Ed
This is a great gauge for the price. Had mine over 12 years NO issues and pretty accurate comparing it to cheap alternatives... Good luck with the sale..

Mike Banas