Walbro fuel pumps, confused and questions


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Nov 29, 2012
So I had issues with my fuel pump a few months ago (still not fixed as I took a break from the car for a while). I bought a NIB racetronix fuel pump and sender from a member about 3 years ago. It sat unopened for a year probably before I installed it. Now the pump is extremely noisy and doesn't provide enough fuel under heavy load (car falls on its face, O2 volts read almost zero). Anyway today I pulled the pump to investigate, part number stamped on the pump is GSS294 and there is an "M" etched after. I spoke with tech at walbro and they said the GSS294 is a 255lphr pump but is NOT high pressure even though he stated the pumps marked "M" are modified. He continued to state that there are several 255lphr pumps available from walbro and this is not what should have been used for my application. He stated I should have been given the GSS340 which is a 255lphr pump which peaks at 87 psi vs the GSS294 which peaks at 50 psi. Can anyone confirm this? I'm confused at this point and a little mad cause it seems to me that the part from racetronix was not actually meant for a TB application.

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Maybe Racetronix can elaborate on this??????????

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You can't blame them. You didn't buy it from them and let it sit for 3 years.
That is a modified gss294. The relief valve is modified to open at a higher pressure, so it flows at least the same as the gss340. The ones I've tested on my fuel pump flow bench usually flow a tad more than a gss340. It has been used on many turbo Buicks without problems.
At one time the Walbro GSS294M was the pump you got when you ordered the Racetronix G7 fuel pump kit, which is for a Turbo Buick. I have run this pump without issue. FWIW if you look up the two pumps on the Racetronix website the specs are the same. Better yet, do a search of the pump # on this site and read for yourself. All that said, I don't recall the "M" etched on my pump...
Thanks for the info guys!! PRONTO please understand I'm not blaming anyone for anything, merely just looking for info on the pump. I can only go off of what Walbro stated, clearly as ERIC said the pump has been modified accordingly.

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