walked 00 Camaro SS


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Earlier in the day I installed S10 wheel cylinders hoping to make better use of my M/T slicks. Now I can leave on about 7# of boost, -not a bad upgrade for less than twenty dollars and a couple hours of work.

Anyway, I was anxious to try out my improved launch. As luck would have it, my wife was visiting some family that evening, so I was free to go street racing. I met up with a friend with a black 2000 Camaro SS. We raced several months back when both cars were stock and mine was in a poor state of tune. Then, I was able to pull about a car and a half on him. He really wanted to race again since numerous upgrades. Of course I agreed. :D

This time he had MAC longtube headers, no cats, flowmaster exhaust, Whisper lid, higher stall converter and some other stuff I can't remember now. When he told me it ran mid 13's on a g-tech I became a little uneasy as that is quite respectable at this altitude. So, when evening came we went to a racing spot in the middle of nowhere with some other people (all F-bodies). We were set to go first and already other guys with less modified cars were asking to race me after the SS.

So, we lined up. I spooled to 6 pounds or so. The flaggers hands went down and we were off. My slicks hooked up hard. The old GN instantly pulled 2 cars ahead. That lead extended to 3 or 4 cars by the end of the marked ¼ mile. I was very pleased. The Camaro guy complained about tire spin so we ran again to the same result. All mouths were quiet when I returned to watch the other races. I didn't ask, but evidently no one else wanted to see Buick taillights that night. It was a fun night and my friend was cool about it, although he was pondering a 50 shot of nitrous and a rematch.:D :D
Nice Kill! A 2000 SS Camaro with those mods should be running in mid 12 territory with a decent launch. Are you running with stock turbo, injectors? Was he on radials?
Yep, stock turbo and injectors, but I am saving up. Freaking college takes all of my money.

I had the boost set at 16# and was using a Precision 100 chip.
--93 octane with some xylene.

He was on stock radials, so I am sure his launch could have been better. But, as we were leaving we made an impromptu 3rd run. That time I was unable to build any boost before he got the jump. With identical launches the GN pulled almost a full car length until we shut down at around 100. Had we gone much further I am sure he would have started to regain ground and pass me.
Cool deal man...I went to the strip a few weeks back and it was my first time at the strip ever. Well the firebird I raced first had LS1 6spd on his tag and had the chance to go up against him and he wooped me the first pass cause I lifted on the other end . 3rd pass it is me and him again and I got him, he ran a 13.9 me a 13.8 I could only get 3 trail runs in due to so many cars breaking down only ran 17 psi and pump gas and some outlaw oct boost.
Very nice kill, Woosh.. stompin on the LS1's.. glad to hear. :D Even though I like GM high tech cars in general, I'm diehard Turbo Buick!

And dont worry: When he brings the 50-shot, you can just crank the boost up and bring a set of slicks to heat up, LoL. ;) I think that would be considered fair then. Nitrous.. bah.. It's a shame thats what it takes to even have a chance versus a TR. But what are ya gonna do.. *yawn*
Nice kill

If he gets the 50 shot all u have to do is fill up with some C16 raise the boost to about 20lbs and go lay the smack down again:D
Yes, with the mods he has now it will run between 12.6 and 12.0 (depending on stall speed & STR, and also race weight) on super sticky tires at sea level.

FYI, there is no 50 horse shot kit that I know of for an LS1. The only pre-fabed ones out there are adjustable and start at 75 at the lowest.

Good kill BTW :)
The only problem with the Camaro guy running 12.6 to 12.0 with some "super sticky" tires is that his rearend will take a sh!t!!! I talked to a guy last week who has a 2000 A4 WS6 and last week he broke his 3rd rearend while at the track... He put some Mickey Thompson ET Streets on and made a couple of passes and on his third pass the rearend broke... The guy told me he loves the car, but he really wishes GM would of put a quality rearend on the car much like they did with the TRs... He plans to run the car again and he wants to get it in the 11's, but he told me he'll most likely go with a bigger shot of N20 to get there cause he plans on doing it with street tires, since everytime he puts some "super sticky" tires the rearend goes:(

IMO it's a little easier to turn up the boost than it is to switch jets, but whatever floats your boat:D BTW, I saw a GN last year that ran a 11.3 @117mph with no spray, and then when he decided he wanted a little more out of the car he sprayed it with a 75 shot and it ran a 10.7 @125mph... Don't forget that spray works just as good on these cars as it does on a V8!!!

Brick...The rear end thing is car to car. I know of a guy named John Campbell who is running 10s with 60fts in the 1.4s on a stock 10 bolt (it’s an auto), his race weight is a very light 3200lbs though, and most of us are 3600 to 3800. I know of tons of guys running high 1.5s to 1.6s (including me) on stock 10 bolts with no problems (all autos). Usually it’s just the 6-speeds that break axles. Not to say that autos can’t, but it’s much more rare. Sounds like your friend got a lemon rear...

No question though, I’d much rather have a GN rear than what I’ve got :)

Yeah, I guess the rearend thing is car to car and I guess it's possible he got a lemon, but I still think GM should of put a better rear on the fbodies cause the LS1 cars make a good amount of power from the factory (300 to 320RWHP) and with a couple of bolt ons your easily making enough power to break those rears (especially in the 6spds like u mentioned)... I guess it's not that big of a deal considering the performance u get out of those cars, but it would be nice if they had a good rear like the TRs

Yes it is easier..lol Its run what ya brung and hope you brung enough!!! I thank Ford for the rear they put in my car! 8.8's never die!
Don't forget that this guy is in Colorado. Here in Colorado Springs we're at 6100 feet elevation. Very thin air. Don't know where he is.
Keith Hansen
12.34@113 in Texas at 700 feet altitude
unknown here in CoSprings
Yeah, I agree the Ford rears were built really well and u have to be making a ton of power to blow them up much like the TRs 10 bolt rear which I haven't ever heard of anybody breaking unless they were making some serious power (mid to low 9 second car)... I think the interesting thing to remember in this particular story is that both cars basically have the same bolt ons (actually the Camaro guy has a couple more mods with the headers and converter as the GN has the stock headers and stock D5 converter also stock turbo, injecters, and intercooler), and the GN was only running 16lbs of boost which isn't much at all, and beat this Camaro and from the sounds of it the Camaro guy won't be coming back for more without a bottle:D I wonder why???:rolleyes:
86brick said something good about ford omg

i cant believe it he said something positive about mustangs....he said they have really good rear ends......he didnt say rustang....or mudstain....lol....hows it going 86brick.....havent talked to ya in awhile....how come you never replied to my email i sent ya?

Check your mail... Sorry I don't check my hotmail account too much:) I think u just got the wrong impression of me and I did the same to u, but I hope u understand that all the rustang, mudstain, and other Ford cracks were just jokes and I never intended them to piss anybody off and I don't have a problem with any of the Ford guys coming to this BB and I actually think that it's pretty cool that there is some mutual respect for both cars and the owners of both Fords and Buicks:cool: To tell u the truth a buddy of mine is looking into getting a newer performance car, and I told him he should look into getting a Ford truck:D The Lightnings really impress me cause I've seen a couple at the track that were running low 12's to high 11's with only bolt ons and these TRUCKS weigh about 4300lbs without the driver and also have a respectable payload:eek: I think it's a great idea for him to buy the truck cause it's also a practical vehicle that he can tow and haul stuff with when he's not hauling ass!!!

ya i would love to have i lightening.....i love those trucks...they are pretty bad ass.....haul your car to the track with the truck and race the truck and your car...haha........