Wanna see a V3? Twin's ride.


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May 31, 2001
Here they are this is Twin's car.....


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Ooooohhh.., Aaaahhhhh.

Nice. Let us know how it all works out.
Thanks NoCooler!

I still can't find an uppipe to turbo gasket. I may just steal the one off of the parts car OTHRWMN bought last night. Or check with BWEAVY.

I am very excitied about this new intake, but I'm sure snow is just around the corner so 1/4 times will have to wait till spring.

I will have the SMC kit on by spring also. More tuning


Very nice. That v3 is pretty sweet looking.

ATR has the gaskets for the turbo.
Thanks Nick I tried ATR's.......just a little copper flange. I need the stock type piece to use with the KB headers. Thanks for the input though.
Twins..what size rear tires are on the car? They look REALLY sweet! Do you have any clearence problems with them?

That intake looks really sweet...does the turbo just get connected to it with a hose clamp?
I'm not Twins but,

He has 275/50 BFG drag radials on the rear in the pic's. And yes a hose connects the turbo to intake.