WANTED: 84-85 one piece lower front air dam / spoiler


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May 30, 2010

Looking for a factory one piece air dam. I know GBody parts and TR parts sell new aftermarket ones, but they sit 1" lower. I'm looking for a factory look.

Thank you in advance
Good luck with that!. I asked for one here a while ago and never found one…:(


P.S: …I don't like the one GBody parts sell either…(n) they really look "added-on". They should've made it an "exact replica" of the '84-'85 unit instead of extending it like they did…THEN it would've looked right.
They pop up on ebay from time to time ... also, I thought I saw that TTAowner had two a while back. Don't know if he moved them.
^ Disregard LIVE4RDO, looks like people are having some issues with money and delivery
I have one on my car and need the 86-87 air dams for mine. It was NOS when the car was built 2 years ago. I would like $230- $ 250 depending on what I can ship it for.