Wanted - 84 GN header panel / grille / 86 GN air dam


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Looking for a used header panel and grille for my 84 GN....doesn't have to be perfect or black for that matter as car will be getting fresh paint soon....previous owner installed an older regal squared off header panel/grille and painted black over the chrome after someone backed into it. :( I also need a lower air dam for an 86/87. Thanks! :)
I've got a correct real gn grille for your year. I believe I can get a regal header panel off a 84-87 if that helps
Ok great...can u send me a couple pictures, hows much are you thinking? :) I'm not even sure what year my header panel is off of....looks totally wrong in my eyes tho.


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They also put on the wrong headlight bezels and painted over the marker lights.....those have already been replaced along with the bumper fillers... :)
If your first grill falls through, I also have a nice solid grill, correct one for your GN, chrome has minor specks of pitting from rockchips, not broken and looks good and certainly usable for a nice driver. A conservative 8/10. I can take pictures and poSt if you'd like