Wastegate adjustment


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Got a quick question, which way do i adjust the actuator to turn down boost? (was on its way past 20 the other day).
You need to lengthen the arm to reduce boost...To set it at the stock level...take the actuator arm off the flapper on the elbow...rotate the flapper towards the turbo to make sure that it is closed all the way...Then lengthen or shorten the arm until the hole on the actuator arm lines up with the shaft on the flapper arm...Then SHORTEN the actuator a half turn so that you have to pull the actuator arm slightly to get it connected with the flapper...Basically, you should be about half a hole too short to have it set up properly...If you go any shorter, than the wastegate flapper will be open slightly causing slow spoolup...

Hope that helps and didn't confuse you...
Thanks for the info Jim, hows the weather over there? I'm fromKCMO still got family there make it back about once a year.
Today, it's in the 70s and EXTREMELY windy!!!

Supposed to cool down a little bit this week, maybe a little rain tonight into tomorrow morning, and be in the 50s and 60s the rest of the week...