Wastegate Control Hose


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At the risk of sounding like an idiot
Can anyone tell me how this assembly is connected? I'm in the process of building an 86/87 engine setup for my hotair.....Thanks


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The small end of the hose attaches to the wastegate solenoid.
The straight hose off of the Y tee attaches to the wastegate.
The other hose connects to the turbo compressor housing brass fitting.
You should also note there is a restrictor orifice, inside the "Y", on the compressor side of the Y.

My 87's OE orifice measured between .043-.048" diameter. Sometimes the wrong size was installed or modified by previous owners.

Also, my pic may be easier to uinderstand than the written description :
-- Upper right hand 45º port goes to wastegate actuator.
-- Left hand horizontal port goes to electric valve.
-- Right hand horizontal port has internal restrictor, goes to Turbo compressor.


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