Wastegate hoses


Drive it like you stole it
Apr 17, 2010
I have factory style NOS OEM Wastegate hoses for sale. All the factory markings are on each hose. These are the real deal. Picked them up in a package Deal. 125 a piece plus shipping and PayPal fees.


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Thanks grumpy. I tried to price some at a fairly reasonable price for our members. I've heard they've gone for heck of a lot more for those that needs a real deal molded hoses.
Still have some of these nos Westgate hoses available. I know they are reasonably priced judging by what I've seen other selling them for recently.
This might make good Christmas presents to your Buick buddies, especially ones with stock show cars
If anybody's interested, I have a good used wastegate hose from Mike dopkins car in good shape but not as good as new $75 shipped
Also another used one, but one hose was switched out. The rest are OEM $50 shipped
PayPal, family and friends and shipping to the USA