Wastegate Question

86 TR

Work In Progress
I just finished installing a new Billet wheel, journal bearing 6262 from PTE. I ordered the heavy duty actuator.

With the HD actuator the boost should start around 17-18 psi. I think. I took the car out for a little test run and just blipped the throttle and it spiked to 20 psi boost!:eek:

I backed out of course, luckily no knock! Im running the factory wastegate solenoid. Why would the boost spike to 20psi? I havent' ported the wastegate hole yet but I think it should be controlled better than that.

Both vaccum lines for the compressor housing and actuator are in the correct spot!

I don't want to pop a HG. Did I do something wrong? I did have to rotate the compressor housing and center section to line up everything.

BTW this turbo hits hard! I can't describe it. It just blew the tires away on command at any speed!
What's the best way to port this bigger? machine shop, carbide cutting bit?

I see that there is alot of meat on the one side of the housing. Do you offset it or try to make it concentric.
You can do it your self with a air tool and carbide bit, just be sure to mark the housing where the puck contacts it...... I would remove the turbo and put it in a vise.