Wastegate solenoid question

Papa John

New Member
Feb 11, 2002
On the bottom of it, there is a vac. line that goes to the wastegate, what is supposed to go on the top?
Has two ports.. One for the vacuum line to the wastegate.. Other port originally had a filter.. It doesn't need anything on it. It is a bleed off..

One port goes to "y" connector, which goes to turbo/actuator.
Other port vents to atmosphere, originally had a small foam filter on it.
If you are talking about the solenoid that bolts to the passenger side valve cover, there's only 2 outlets on it both at the front, one of them the vac tube to the wastegate connects to, and the other should just be a foam filter element or it has fallen off which is no big deal. The tubes should point to the front of the car and the filter element should be on the tube that is closest to the passenger side fender.
There is no top and bottom vac lines off of the solenoid.

Now if you're talking about the vac line itself that has the 'Y' split fitting, the "straight" side goes to the the turbo, on the intake side housing, and the part that branches off goes to the wastegate. and the other end of the straight side goes to the solenoid on the valve cover.