Watch out for this Turbo T on ebay!

thanks for the info

this kind of info is valuable.
i drove 600 miles today to look at a turbo buick that is for sale. the car had a decent appearance in the computer photos, but upon seeing it in person ........ wow :eek:. the car had a broken windshield, the rims had curb-rash & flat spots from hitting pot holes (or maybe craters:eek:), no headliner, the dash had been painted grey (appeared that it was originally red), the top half of the center console was light blue (though it appears to be grey in the photos), no pull straps on door panels that were about to fall off, a huge burned area across the t-top center section & sun visors and the list goes on. all these problem areas were undetectable, conveniently disguised or omitted in the pics.
the test drive was even worse ......... after driving 5 minutes, the seller asks "how's the brakes"? when i respond that they're hard, he says to pull over so he can throw in another new fuse ......... says he doesn't want to cause a wreck (even though he told me over the phone that there would be no problem driving it 300 miles back home). and as if that wasn't remarkable enough ......... the knock retard reading on the scanmaster read 39 when spooling up the turbo:eek: :eek: :eek: .
gotta love honest representation like that!!!!!!!!
good thing gas is cheap & time has no value :mad: