Water injection experiment. Washer fluid instead of water...


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I was having great success with water in my 1995 KB'd Rustang, so I got greedy and decided to try washer fluid since it has methanol in it. Well, in my car, it does not do as well as plain old water. I would get tip in detonation with washer fluid and I NEVER got that with water. I am running 11 lbs of boost on iron heads at 25* total timing, and water keeps the detonation monster away. Washer fluid does not. Can anyone think of why? I am injecting at 60 lbs of pressure thru a m4 nozzle. If anybody can help shed some light on this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe the soap bubbles get in the way. I too would get tip in with soap.

You say tip in detonation? That sounds like a fueling issue not alcohol issue.

The detonation you want to get rid of is WOT top of third and fourth. You get rid of this detonation, you will see the most power.

Wanna get rid of all detonation, run an M10-M15 nozzle on straight methanol, no water, at 60-80 lbs of pressure.

Not washer fluid.

I have had good luck running washer fluid in my WRX. course its through an M10 nozzle at about 85psi. turn on point at about 12 psi. boost. Sounds like you have too small of a nozzle. -Chuck